Food for Thought

It was an incredibly difficult time when, 6 years ago, we were burgled at work. Coming in on a cold, rainy Sunday morning to find a broken window and no computers I fell to my knees and thought my stomach had ben ripped out.
Half scared and half angry, hoping no one was still within my workspace, I picked myself up and unlocked. Opening the doors alone and angry I charged in, heart beating outside of my chest! Thank goodness no one was there as I have no idea what I would have done if I had confronted our burglar!
That was indeed, a very long day in my life!
Not being one to let things get me down, I thought long and hard about the 8ft high boarding outside my office window and how sad and violated it made us all feel. Within two days I had contacted my old secondary school – Harris Girls, East Dulwich, to speak to the head of art. We already had a great partnership with the school as I mentored the cupcake business they had set up, so getting through to the right person was easy. ”We have an 8ft x 4ft opportunity for your students to make this ghastly boarded window into something wonderful that the local community can enjoy. Fancy the challenge?” They said yes and within a few days a group of 15 and 16 year old art students arrived outside our kitchen in overalls and, armed with paint and passion, they created the most incredible mural outside my office. To say they were talented is an understatement! These young ladies from Harris Girls Academy East Dulwich were artists in their prime.
Not only did we have a stunning painting on our boarded window, we also attracted the attention of the local press where our story was featured.
6 weeks later and the new window was ready which meant we had to say goodbye to our mural and hello to the outside world again. The art went to the school for their wall and I believe it was featured as part of an exam project for the girls so we really were all winners in the end, and something postive came from a truly horrible experience.
Thank you to Facebook for the memory flash that came up this morning and thank you to HAGED for your support.
Here is the image that prompted this blog post: