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Lunch lunch glorious lunch… I spend my morning wishing along the clock to reach 1pm – lunchtime!

Whether it’s a simple yet delicious quiche and salads, a bursting gourmet baguette or warming bowl of exceptionally good soup, lunch is almost as important as breakfast and allows us down time to indulge in the delights that are bestowed upon us. Being in the hospitality industry I can honestly say that lunch is far shorter than the hour its namesake suggests we take, but that’s ok. We refer to it as our LHH or Lunch Half Hour and that’s just perfect for us as we stop, take a minute, and realise we are a working family as we chat over each other and listen to the riotous giggles and confusion over conversations around the lunch table.

If lunch is as important to you as it is to us then you really should head over to Fifty Seven and pay us a visit. We have plenty on offer including our 195g aged British sirloin steak layered with caramelised allotment onions, peppery rocket and chimichurri dressing which adds the most fragrant piquant sauce. We cook the steak medium unless requested otherwise. Maybe see you tomorrow?

Don’t forget our drinks collab Vits+Kicks have sensational smoothies to add even more essential vitamins to your meal; allowing your mind, body and soul to be in sync!

When your mind wonders so should your body too… Come and see what we have ready for your lunch, packed with goodness! Giving yourself a little down time is a very upbeat thing and allows you time to reset ready for the afternoon.

57 North Cross Road
East Dulwich
London, SE22 9ET

THE place to go for lunch!