Life is Better with Brownies…

Brownie Bar

For my sins, I have an insane love of brownies – Exceptionally Good Brownies to be precise and the ones that, since May 2020, we have been baking & selling on a Saturday at Fifty Seven, North Cross Road.

Made with 70% dark chocolate, free range eggs, fair trade sugar, flour, vanilla extract and lots of love, our brownies really are exceptionally good hence their name. To date we have offered in excess of 20 flavours and featured special Christmas editions during December too!

Our Brownies are made on a Thursday, cut on a Friday and are ready for sale on a Saturday. They have a shelf life, if refrigerated, of 2 weeks, if they make it that far(!), so are great to have on hand for when you are in need of an indulgent afternoon treat to help you survive lockdown!

If that’s not enough, and you have a weekly need for our decadent, fudgy, baked confection then we have a mixed box of 16 Exceptionally Good Brownies available to order and collect on a Saturday from Fifty Seven, North Cross Road. To place your order please email, each box set costs £50.00 and, as above, will last for up to 2 weeks if refrigerated.

Wait no longer, real super heroes don’t wear capes – some bake Exceptionally Good Brownies!

57 North Cross Road
East Dulwich
London, SE22 9ET

THE place to go for exceptionally good brownies!