'Feast' of Art at fiftyseven

We all know that there will be lots of delicious food being created and eaten inside fifty seven this season, but 12 local artists have also been thinking about feasting in a different way… their responses will be shown in a group exhibition, which will be in the window of fifty seven from Sunday, 1st December 2019 until Sunday, 19th January 2020.

Oil paintings, watercolours, gouaches of simple apples or a few chillies,  photographs of rhubarb, decorative paper cuts, fishy sculptures made from books, micro world textiles creations, mixed media lobsters and much more will be on view. All pieces celebrate the joy of good food and gathering together to enjoy it.

The artists whose work you will be able to enjoy during ‘Feast’ are.. David Hopkins, Joanna S-Hawkin (Asia Ceramics), Jessica Kendrew, Miguel Sopena, Julia McKenzie, Stepane Godec, Bridget Bailey, Marika Sonne, Louise Ward, Greg Becker, Nikki Pontin and Madeline Morrow.

If you decide that you just have to own one of these amazing Artworks then all you have to do is pop into one of our two Art Markets on Saturday, 7th December or Saturday, 14th December between 9.30am – 4.30pm and ask for Louise. If you can’t make those dates then drop Louise an email at infoartat57@gmail.com and she will arrange a more convenient time for you.

Art@57 wish you a very happy winter holiday.

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