Our Planet Matters…


We are based in the heart of leafy East Dulwich, but we know that in London, green space can often be at a premium. Many of us are reassured by the knowledge that we can easily escape to the countryside for a scenic nature break. Or can we? We know that our lifestyles, our reliance on cars and our increased use of electrical devices is having an adverse effect on our planet… and our ignorance to its gravity means there is little light at the end of tunnel… literally.

We cannot run our business without our vans or our business premises, so we have taken steps to do something positive for the environment to offset the impact our business has on the environment…

Tree Appeal
We have worked in partnership with The Tree Appeal in order to counteract the carbon emissions we generate and to ensure the conservation of our woodlands. Each time we have used our vans to travel to an event, a British broad-leaved tree has been planted in our clients’ name. We also give each client the option of planting a further 3 trees in order to make an event ‘carbon neutral’. As a result, we are delighted to say that we have planted approximately 1600 native British trees!  Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us to do this!

Fun Fact

We use one-third of the world’s surface to produce food. However, if you subtract deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, cities and highways, food production is spread over 58% of the land.