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Westminster House Youth Club
Eating a well-balanced nutritious diet is important for supporting the immune system; the nutrients then influence the body’s ability to fight infection.  The World Health Organisation suggests that, while no one food will cure the Covid-19 pandemic, a healthy diet helps strengthen our immune system’s ability to cope with infections. That’s why our fund raising is ongoing, and every penny raised goes towards feeding these young people; any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to the oldest youth club in London, the one that is close to our heart.   Please Donate Here
By donating £10 you are buying 3 meals for the young people..!         

Fun Fact

Here is a little food for thought and some interesting facts about the recycling we have carried out recently. Annually we recycle on average:

8,320 kilograms of glass = 5,546 bags of flour

4,160 kilograms of plastic = 4,160 bags of sugar

4,160 kilograms of metal = 72,983 eggs

Altogether we reckon that this is enough of the core baking ingredients to make a birthday cake for everyone in Britain!