Environmental Ethos

At Suzanne James we believe that local is better, seasonal is better and being Eco-Chic is better!  We are proud to be London’s most sustainable caterer and are leading the way in proving that being ethical is advantageous for us, our clients and everyone concerned. We know the toll that modern life is taking on the environment, so we decided when we started this business that we would do everything we could to not only minimise our impact, but also to have a positive effect.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the basis of our work culture and an attitude that we implement at all stages of each event from the sourcing of ingredients to disposal of any waste.  We don’t compromise on taste or presentation, but by following eco procedures are able to ensure that the dish in front of each and every guest is not only alluring, but also of optimum nutrition and bursting with flavour. It’s what we like to call Eco-Chic!

Our reputation as London’s distinctly British, and most eco-friendly caterer precedes us and we are constantly gaining recognition for the ethical work and comprehensive approach that we have to catering.

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