East Dulwich Supper Club Triumphs Again!

When I started the East Dulwich Supper Club (known by those in the know as EDSC) back in 2011 I never, not in a million years, thought it would gain the following that it has. Honestly, it’s a bit of a cult!

EDSC fulfils several roles – it allows local people, past and future clients, friends, family and fans to get to enjoy our food, but also it allows us to try out new ideas, and to train up young front of house staff, and our apprentice chefs too. Last night was the first time ever that we had two very new chefs in the kitchen without a senior to guide them and on the whole, they did pretty well.

Canapés served included the last of the English Asparagus – which we embraced by wrapping it in Courgette with Cream Cheese and a little Coriander flower from our garden on top (if you have never had Coriander flowers before please do try them – they are amazing, quite sweet with just ’just a tiny hint’ of coriander to them).

Our starter kept with the Asparagus theme (you really have gotta make the most of it now before it goes woody) along with Feta, Pea Purée, Endemame Beans, Broad Beans (from the allotment) and Pea Shoots. The boys put a little Lemon Dressing on top and boom! Delicious

Main was fillet of Sea Bream with Puy Lentils which had Cherry Tomatoes and Olives in them. This was served with a gorgeous Salsa Verde. The chefs were a little disappointed with their presentation here and the look of the lentils and to be honest, I probably agree with them but the EDSC really is all about learning and I had to let go at some point. All guests know this too and still they are very supportive and join us each month.

Dessert. Well. Dessert was pretty amazing. Peach Melba Cheesecake. Not quite what everyone was expecting and out came the phones – mine included! A Vanilla Cheesecake topped with half a roasted Peach, topped with Raspberry Sorbet, Coulis on the side as well as real Berries and Lemon Balm. It looked as good as it tasted and then some!

Thank you to Adams Catering Hire who sponsor the EDSC and provide all the crockery, cutlery and glassware and to Simply Linens who provide the table linen and napkins. All of this really enhances the evening.