Duke of Edinburgh

…..Award that is!

Those that have been generously supporting the Go Fund Me page that I set up to raise money to provide meals for children who attend Westminster House Youth Club in Nunhead, will be aware that we are almost 30% to target now. More is always needed so please do continue to donate if you can.

This fundraiser has made a huge difference to so many and here is why…

I had 3 chefs that I was unable to furlough because they are self employed. These chefs have been around for a long time and are real fabulous foodies but, of course, like so many others had no income during lockdown. Meanwhile, on the other side of my world, I was left unable to hold Supper Club evenings at fifty seven. Usually 100% of the profits from these events is donated to Westminster House Youth Club and I was very worried about how this loss of funding would affect the work they do.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and #feedourkids was born!

Your kindness has allowed local, vulnerable children and young adults to have a healthy nutritious meal made by the professional chefs and I can assure you that they have been very well received.  In fact, the donations have gone down a treat.

Enter stage left and my son Freddie, currently being ‘home schooled’ and wanting to expand his cookery skills – hurrah, this is my kind of teaching!  So I decided to teach Freddie how to “cook from scratch” which is part of what they also do at WHYC with the funding I donate.  So, with the use of fresh vegetables, pasta and rice, he will be making the vegetarian dishes each week that are then donated to the Youth Club members.

Freddie, who is 14, is also in the process of completing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award so can use this as part the volunteering section. So far so good; it has only been 2 weeks, but we have not fallen out yet and the kitchen is always left very tidy (phew)!