A Little Party Never Killed Anybody…

Hedonistically Healthy Drinks

At Fifty Seven we specialise in a Seasonal Organic Sustainable Menu and we partner that we hedonistically healthy drinks courtesy of drinks supremo, Matt Preedy at Vits+Kicks.

We take pride in every drink we shake from our unique signature selection of fresh vegetable and fruit juiced cocktails with a kick – alcohol!  No added sugars or sweeteners, just earth’s natural ingredients, shaken up into micronutrient enriched, health inspired cocktails.

Each designer drink is skilfully mixed by our professional, highly trained and dedicated bar staff to ensure you enjoy your cocktail at it optimum nutritional stage which means you really are boosting immunity in the community!

Join us on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm, when we’ll be serving these exceptionally good cocktails!

57 North Cross Road
East Dulwich
London, SE22 9ET

THE place to go for handcrafted cocktails!