Creative Conversations

On Tuesday 3rd March Shannon from Mockingbird Makes will be hosting the first of many (we hope) monthly gatherings for women, offering the opportunity to work with both your hands and your heart.

You can learn to crochet, knit or make pompoms (first visit materials are supplied) or you can bring along your own project that you need help with or one that you just want to have some time to work on. It could be drawing, needle felting, colouring, vision boarding – whatever you like.

The focus here is to be in a space that is free of judgement, free of demands, and where you have freedom to play. Creativity is such an essential part of our basic needs as human beings and we neglect it and outsource it so easily.

Connection is also one of our basic needs. As an experienced Red Tent circle leader (but not qualified therapist or counsellor I hasten to add) I will hold the space with love and warmth and compassion so you can feel safe to share as much or as little as you feel moved to.

Choosing to attend means you agree to respectfully withhold judgement, treat everything that is spoken about as confidential and bring an open heart.

This will mean you will feel full when you head home – on life, not just tea and biscuits (although they will be available too!).

The power of women coming together is PHENOMENAL!! And the power of creativity to nourish our souls is IMMEASURABLE!! Please give yourself this gift of time to fill your cup, nurture you heart and create some space for joy.

Your evening will look a little like this:

  • Arrival, teas and biscuits to settle in.
  • I will then lead a guided visualisation to arrive and let go of the day.
  • We’ll have a quick introduction around the table to greet everyone and then on with the creating and conversing.
  • At the end I will call us back together for a short gratitude practice to send us on our way.

Join Shannon from 7:30 – 9.30pm at Fifty Seven

Book your place.

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