Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens are the newest thing since sliced bread apparently. It is when a company sets up a food outlet for the sole purpose of cooking for delivery in a short amount of time in both distance and ETA.  Instead of buying an expensive restaurant site on a heavily walked street, a cloud kitchen is developed in a cheaper locale (an industrial district, perhaps), with dozens of kitchen stations that are individually rentable for short periods of time by chefs and restaurant proprietors.

As a customer, if you are ordering from an app you may have no idea that the restaurant doesn’t physically exist and this is why I’m not sure I am a huge fan of this, as an actual chef and a business owner.

I think there is a place in the world for everyone offering everything, however (and it is only a little however), commercial kitchens require regulatory licenses and inspections, constant monitoring and maintenance, not to mention massive kitchen staffs (they aren’t automated kitchens!). In fact, if you knew the number of hoops we have to jump through to even open our doors each day you would be astonished.  From pest control when we don’t have pests, to maintenance on equipment that is kept pristine because of how it is used and respected by our chefs each day, to clear procedures for cleaning, washing and food prep. There is a detailed process for everything.

The only saving grace is that we have supporting evidence of this and when we have our Environmental Health Officer inspection we can reach for the filing cabinet and offer all our documents for close inspection. We are so proud to hold our heads high and our standards even higher as we receive our 5* Score on the Door.  Clients are always welcome to visit us and see our kitchen, nothing is hidden, and if you are booking us to cater for your event that has to be worth its weight in gold!