Career Champions

Suzanne is proud to have been chosen as one of Lucia’s Career Champions for a series of inspiring interviews with incredible people who followed their passion and created a successful career that they love.

The interviews will be showcasing the highs and growth of pursuing a career and most importantly showing what is possible. These are the success stories of your next-door neighbours who just went for it and became true career champions.

Lucia Margarida Pestana will be conducting the interviews, she has background experience in radio broadcasting and is very curious by nature, she loves listening to people stories and she is always equipped with interesting and unusual questions, according to two famous Portuguese music bands she interviewed in the past.

Who is Lucia?

Lucia Margarida Pestana is the Founder of Pestana’s HR & Coaching, she has a successful career in Human Resources working as HR & Training Manager with generalist experience for 9 years. Her experience includes setting up a department from scratch, investing in people, and developing management teams, Lucia understood that coaching was the skill she wanted to specialise in.

Naturally, this learning was pursued and evolved into Career Coaching. Having an understanding of HR and Coaching Lucia became really passionate about helping people make the most of their careers and help determined people, to follow their passion, and go for the career of their dreams without fears or limitations.

Lucia’s motto is do what you love and love what you are doing, she hopes to influence and inspire people to fulfill their career purpose, just like she has found hers.

The live Interviews will happen on Facebook, every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.00 pm (BST) throughout June on Pestana’s HR & Coaching business page, make sure you like and follow so that you don’t miss out on connecting with the awesome Career Champions!

1st Live 2nd June at 2.00 pm Lucia will be introducing the project

You can read more about the project and about those taking part on Lucia’s website here.