Buy them a Coffee at Kings College Hospital

Want something doing?  Ask a busy person!

That was my dads motto when I was growing up. I could never quite understand how he was always so busy and never sitting down doing nothing!  Now it seems that his wise words were not wasted on me.

I have always believed that bad situations can bring out the best in people, and an example of this in my area has been an amazing crowdfunding initiative set up by local people to provide food and drinks for the hardworking NHS staff at Kings College Hospital.

I was contacted in the early stages and after a fairly hectic few days of phone calls, I am really proud to have been able to assist with the supply chain which has all come together beautifully now.  The crowd funder was set up to raise £25k and we are just a little shy of that already, which means we can, for at least 7 weeks, continue to provide front line workers – of which there are 7000 – with essential food to eat in their wellness centre and to take home and cook when they do, eventually, finish their shifts.

We have been baking to our hearts content having resurrected my former bakery at SJHQ, with master baker, Roberto, making approx. 1000 beautiful orange and cinnamon scented brioche buns alongside Ayres the Bakers in Nunhead who have been making delicious jam doughnuts and Smith & Brock in Camberwell who have been sending in the finest in fresh fruit and veg weekly.

Hopefully all of this will help our amazing NHS teams to keep well, and to keep their energy levels up just a little more whilst they are working so hard for all of us.