Business as Usual!

If you have driven down Barry Road past the SJHQ at any time since last November you may well have decided not to return for a good long time, simply because Thames Water are working hard to replace the Victorian Drains and unfortunately the only way for them to do his is to dig up enormous sections of Barry Road, setting up temporary lights, one way systems, and closing roads as necessary along the way.

They started at the Peckham Rye end in November and then over Christmas moved up to work right outside our front door until this week when they have moved up a little further.  It is strangely quiet now without the ‘beep, beep, stand clear’ of the JCB going constantly – we could hear it inside at our desks!

It would be lying to say that this makes for ideal conditions, especially when you are trying to get vans loaded and off to events, but we have to take our (hard) hats off and say a very BIG thank you to all of the team at Thames Water who have been absolutely amazing in helping keep things as easy as possible for us in difficult circumstances.

In return we have kept them warm with the odd hot water bottle (honestly), brownies and some Christmas Treats too!

We are also VERY proud to say they complimented us on our fat free drains, proving the value of our kitchen ‘best practices’!!

Now they are gone we are missing them – yes really – who’d have thought it?!  So before they left we got some photos of Sue and her ‘team’!!