Budgets & Brexit - A guide to getting married in these strange times!

What does Brexit means for the events industry? Well, at this moment in time, I don’t believe anyone knows, but one thing is for sure, the dreaded B word has caused a large amount of uncertainty in the weddings and events industry.

With many costs expected to go up there is understandable concern about spending in the new few months.

We work very hard to provide realistic prices from day 1 so that our clients don’t get any nasty surprises later on. At the moment this means we are explaining the possible impact of Brexit, and where it might affect prices. That said, we always aim to honor the prices we have quoted, unless it becomes impossible to do so – for example if ingrdients costs rise substantially we would have a discussion about how to adjust the menu, maybe using a different cut of meat for instance so keep the same feel, without having to pay more for the dish.  If we can help you save money we always will, with weddings the world really is your oyster, but most choices have to come down to budget in the end, and with so many hours, days and weeks going into the planning process it is importnat not to make rash decisions. This is where we. the experts can help!

Here are some saving tips we have compiled;


  • Be honest from the start with your budget, picking a venue that will overstretch you will only cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Create a savings account for your wedding as soon as possible, you will be surprised how quickly the pennies can add up.
  • If you already live together you probably don’t need much in the way of gifts, but consider ways that friends and family might be able to ‘gift’ somthing for the wedding instead – flowers, decorations, cake, making your wedding favours – there are often people who would love to get involved with these aspects of your day and it brings a wonderfully personal touch to your wedding.
  • There are loads of websites now where you can pick up “once used” items that people are selling off after their own wedding. You can pick up some brilliant bargains this way! Check out sellmywedding.co.ukwww.bridalreloved.co.ukwww.bride2be.co.uk


  • Use your wedding cake as dessert! We are always happy to provide seasonal fruit and pouring cream to go with. Your cake can be a huge expense and we see far too many of them not get eaten when they are kept back for the evening celebration..
  • Consider less expensive alternatives to a traditional wedding cakes such as Brownie Towers, Marshmallow Towers or a Cheese Wedding Cake which can be used in the evening to create a fabulous cheese buffet!
  • Do you have a friend who loves to bake?  Would they like to make your wedding cake?
  • Consider serving more canapes and then going straight to a main course, skipping starters. This is also good if you have lots of children at the wedding as it reduces the total sit down time by about 30 minutes which helps with those who might get wriggly after a while!


  • Serve Prosecco instead of Champagne – it’s really on trend at the moment.
  • Serve Mimosas to make the fizz go further.
  • Myatt Fields make Pre Made Cocktails!  How clever is that?  They really are fantastic for any party with an ever expanding range including Espresso Martinis, Negronis and Rum Old Fashioned. Just pop the cork and pour over ice, no need for Mixologists!
  • If you confirm your wedding with us and choose to provide your own drinks and pay corkage we can offer you up to 20% off at Majestic.

Guest Numbers

  • An invitation is an invitation, don’t worry about offending people if you have to move some guests to the evening, guests will still be part of your special day!
  • Have a pay bar in the evening. If your budget is stretched consider providing complimentary drinks up to speeches and then have a pay bar in the evening. This is becoming increasingly common, but do remember to let your guests know in advance so they have cash / bank cards with them on the day.


  • Canva is a brilliant tool to use when designing simple menus and invitations and also particularly great if you need to make a large seating plan.
  • As an alterntive why not go digital and email your invites to guests, or set up a wedding website to capture RSVPs and menu choices?
  • Have a friend with beautiful handwriting? Ask them to help with your stationary.

Something borrowed?

  • It is always worth asking around friends a family to see what items might be avialable to borrow for your big day! Not just that essential blue garter(!!!) but assorted vases maybe, an old suitcase or picnic basket to collect cards in, large chalkboards for signage, bunting, jewellery….. the list goes on!  Friends and family often want to get involved so don’t be afraid to ask!

High Street Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses

It is worth doing a sweep of the high street as well as the bridal shops, there are some great options out there these days.  Also, a quick shout out for the Oxfam Bridal Shop which has lots of gorgeous dresses at knock down prices.

  • Doroty Perkins
  • Monsoon
  • Asos
  • French Connection
  • Scarlett and Jo (plus size)
  • Phase Eight
  • Lipsy
  • Chi Chi
  • Oxfam Bridal Shop


  • Book your venue, and then your suppliers ASAP.  Good Photographers, Florists, Bands and DJ’s get booked 12-18 months in advance.
  • We have a little black book of enviable contacts that are approved across London!
  • If a venue is recommending particular suppliers it is because they are reliable, professional and fully insured! This is one day in your life when you need to have complete confidence in your suppliers so don’t skimp on them.


Let us take you to the venue….. we work with some excellent venues and have long standing relationships with them, because of this we are able to negotiate on your behalf which will save you money!