Bella Thornton, our Young Chef

Hey guys, meet Bella Thornton.

Bella came to us in 2017 for her work experience and throughly loved it…..she was ‘living her dream’ apparently and guess what? Now she is working towards her dream job as a fully trained chef, as she is currently a full time student at Westminster Kingsway Collage. She has completed her level 1 diploma with a merit (yayyyyyy) and is about to take her level 1 & 2 WSET, so we wish her good luck in that.

It’s not easy taking in work experience students as there is so much paperwork to do and so many hoops to jump through, there are times when it honestly feels as if it really isn’t worth it. However when we inspire young people to come into this industry and they work hard and with as much enthusiasm as Bella then it makes it all so worth while.

I am so proud to say that we have inspired about 50 young people to become chefs and many return to us and work a few seasons before spreading their wings to fly on into their chosen specialism.