Being Vegan

I don’t do things by halves and on 8th November, after spending a working weekend in Italy with Filippo Berio and a number of foodies including Brett Cobley, I decided to set myself a new goal – to be vegan for 30 days.

This may seem like an easy challange, but I have tried, and failed before, and this time I added gluten free, no refined sugar and no coffee after mid day to the list of rules. Everyone in the office looked at me with a mix of terror and cynicism, and yep, I probably wasn’t the easiest person to be around for the first couple of weeks!

As I write this it is day 28 of my challage and to be honest, apart from forgetting the coffee bit at 4.30pm on the day of the East Dulwich Christmas Cracker and enjoying a Southern Fried Jackfruit Wrap at a street market, I’ve had a pretty good time.

Here is where it actually gets a bit exciting… I have enjoyed the experience so much that I don’t want to stop, so I am going to carry on until 24th December.  I am actually enjoying making wiser choices with my eating and expanding my repertoire of recipes. The experience has definitely changed from feeling like a huge challenge to more of an adventure as time has gone on, which is an unexpected, but very welcome development!

I know I am not alone in wanting to change my eating habits in order to stick to  a plant based diet and like most people, when I find something good I want to share it. So in January (or should I say Veganuary) we are hosting some very exciting vegan events at fifty seven that are going to be brilliant for anyone who is interested in following a healthier diet – you don’t have to be vegan to attend, honest!

Our first event is a fantastic vegan Supper Club on Friday 11th January and Brett Cobley of will be joining us to talk about his vegan adventure over the past couple of years. This man is so inspiring, it is in no small way thanks to him that I have been so much more successful this time than in my previous attempts to change my diet. Brett will have his new book What Vegans Eat with him and will be happy to sign copies for anyone who wish to purchase one on the day.

If you would like to join us at one of our vegan events then please follow the links below. Numbers are limited to 24 at each event, so do book early to secure your seat.

Click here to book Friday 11th January 2018 with Brett Cobley

Click here to see all the up & coming events at fifty seven

With thanks to Brett for letting us use some of the lovely photos of recipes from his website in this blog, and for being my vegan inspiration!