Being the Boss

Some days being the boss is really, really hard!  I know I chose to work for myself but now, just for the record, I actually work to keep my 52 employees in a job each day.

It’s so easy to be judge and jury when each day you go to work for someone else and leave at the end of the day for home. Home. A place of peace and tranquillity, that at times I can only dream of because when I do a half day it means that I only work 12 hours!

I’m not complaining, please don’t think that. Quite the opposite in fact. Even though the sun doesn’t always shine, the rain rain won’t always go away and not every cloud does have a silver lining I would not change my life or my business model for the world. I am so proud of what I have achieved, but sometimes it is good to stop and remind myself of how far I have come. When I started in 1998, I saved £10 each week for a year and armed with £500 I decided I had enough to work for myself. I registered my home as a food premises, got myself insured and bought a little 2nd hand van and started cold calling. Crikey that was tough. “Hello, my name is Suzanne James and I am a really good chef. I work for myself. Do you need any events catered!”

Eventually I got my first dinner party to cook for and I must have done a pretty good job because they called me to book me again and again and again and soon I was getting booked by their friends and work colleagues and eventually in 2003 I paid the deposit on my kitchen and moved in. Oh my gosh I was so scared! My son Oliver was just 4 years old, just to add to the challenge, but hey ho, I did it and he is a chef now too (so that worked out well)!

I have never had a financial backer or an investing business partner. All my mistakes have been my own! I have been around for 30 years in this industry and I have seen people, and catering companies come and go.

My aim has never changed: I want to give a client really good food and service along with the luxury extras that make the event something very special. If that is what you want too then please get in touch to talk to one of us – maybe even me if I am lucky enough to be having a day at my desk!  Tell us what you would like for your event to make it special and we will make that happen.



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