Dulwich WI & Suzanne James Cream Tea Fundraiser - How do you take yours?!

Dulwich WI & Suzanne James Cream Tea Fundraiser - How do you take yours?!

Is there anything better (or more British?) than freshly made scones, clotted cream and jam with a good cup of tea?

On Saturday 5th October, we have two fantastic ways for you to get your “scone fix” at fiftyseven, 57 North Cross Road, SE22

Firstly, our very own Suzanne James will be hosting 3 scone making masterclasses in our private cookery school to the rear of fifty seven. There are three sessions to choose from, 11.00am, 1.00pm or 3.00pm, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours and limited to just 6 people, with a cost of £10.00 per person.

All profits from this class will be donated to the Dulwich WI

This is not a drop in class and all tickets must be purchased in advance – please follow this link to choose your session and book your place!


On the same day, front of house at fiftyseven we will be serving up cream teas – tea of coffee with scone, jam, cream (and butter if required)!  This event is suitable for both adults and children, with all seats priced at just £5.00 per person.  Seats are available for 11am, midday, 1pm, 2pm or 3pm – follow this link to choose you session and book your seats!


Please note that unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund on booked seats.



The Tiny Italian Supperclub & cooking classes at Fifty Seven

The Tiny Italian Supperclub & cooking classes at Fifty Seven

A new Italian supper club and cooking class residency is hitting Fifty Seven this autumn.

Paola Maggiulli, better known as the Tiny Italian, is an Italian food expert, writer, presenter and home cook. She will be bringing her style of rustic home cooking and hosting for everyone to enjoy.

Leiths trained, she has featured on ITV’s ‘The big audition, presented at Taste of London and has created recipe content for Italian food brands.

Born and bred in London, Paola comes from a multicultural background. Her mother is  Colombian and her father, Italian. The family had a long-standing Italian delicatessen in south London for 20 years, where Paola learnt all there was to know about great Italian produce and running an independent business. Plus, every year, she makes multiple trips to Italy to eat and learn all there is about the country’s home cooking.

The Tiny Italian is about sharing the best in Italian food and culture, re-creating her favourite dishes into easy, quick everyday recipes suited for London living. Paola strongly believes in both the physical and mental benefits of home cooking. From the social advantages of cooking and spending time with others to being responsible and knowledgeable of the ingredients, you use and consume. Her mission is to inspire the younger generation who feel less confident in the kitchen, to those who consider themselves time-poor to have a better relationship with cooking and food.

Therefore, her supper clubs and cooking classes are part of that mission. Paola will cook Italian rustic home-style dishes that she often cooks for her friends and family. She will then follow these up with cooking classes where she will show you how you can recreate those recipes at home. Expect, a fun, colourful cooking class. Paola will offer short cuts and cooking tips so that you can go home and share your new skills with friends, families, and more importantly, with yourself.

The menus reflect Paola’s love for southern Italian/Mediterranean cooking. Tickets will start at £39 which will include a 4-course delicious sit-down meal. Its BYOB, so bring whatever tipple you fancy.

1, 2, 3......Throw!

1, 2, 3......Throw!

Hands up – I love our gorgeous, natural, dried petal confetti!  As a keen gardener flowers are always close to my heart, and I never tire of unpacking a new delivery it is so pretty!  It took me a few years to persuade ‘my’ venue (The Horniman Museum & Gardens) to allow confetti on site, but I persevered, and found a supplier with the right environmental credentials and the rest is history!

As a wedding planner you inevitibly get asked for ‘top tips’ and I always say that getting an absolutely amazing confetti moment on your wedding day should be a total deal breaker for any couple.  I got married over 20 years ago, but to this day my confetti shot is one of my favourites, it is the most completely natural, unposed moment, caught on camera forever and I cannot look at it without smiling.   I promise you, it is the kind of photo you will look back on in years to come and literally everyone in the picture will be smiling and laughing, caught up in that moment of fun and celebration.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your confetti photo……

First Steps First

Before you do anything else, make sure your venue are happy with you using confetti. The majority of venues specify you can only use biodegradable confetti, and we are proud to offer just that, and it is made from flowers grown in the UK too making it natural, biodegradable and the ideal eco-friendly choice for your wedding day.

If your venue isn’t familiar with petal confetti or they haven’t got a confetti policy and need a little convincing, we are happy to provide samples for you to show them. Once they realise it’s not going to harm their grounds, or wildlife within it, and no one needs to clean up after you, they are usually happy with it.

When you sit down with your photographer make sure they are aware you want a confetti photo, and if you’ve got some ideas of where you’d like it too that’s always helpful. Any wedding photographer worth their fee will be a master of confetti photos, so will be able to guide you. Your photographers will usually also help to organise your guests and tell them what to do and when, and this is where is pays to have an experienced photographer, and even better one who knows your venue too.

How much do you need?

Our minimum order for confetti is 5 litres, which works out at 50-60 Handfuls and that is plenty for a great photo, though of course there is nothing to say you can’t have more if you want it!

For a truly great photo we recommend providing enough confetti for at least half your guests (in general the ladies throw more than the gents). That said if you are looking for a complete shower of petal confetti you can always ask the ladies to be sure to rope the boys in too!

Colour Coding

You may want to match your petal confetti colours to your wedding theme or to contrast them, or just go wild and have a mixture of colours.

We offer four choices from stock, with our most popular mix being the pink, blue and white made up of delphinium flowers.  However, you can also ask us to help you wtih a unique confetti mix made up of the colours you want, and we can even send you a sample so you know exactly what it’s going to look like before you place your order.

When & Where?

Lots of people are unsure about when to throw confetti – traditionally it tended to be thrown as the couple left the church for their reception. But with so many ceremonies now taking place at private venues, it often comes down to working with their restrictions, whilst also making full use of any unique features – grand doorways, landscaped gardains or Victorian Bandstands to name but a few options!

The thing to remember is that there really is no right or wrong time for your confetti photo. We recommend that you have a chat with us, your venue and photographer as they will be able to offer some great insight and advice. At the Horniman Museum & Gardens most couples have their confetti moment at the end of their drinks reception, often on the terrace close to the Bandstand.  Ideally you want to get your guests to form an “aisle” which then allows your photographer to get lots of confetti photos as you walk toward them, with plenty of action and a glimpse of your guests too.

Another popular choice is for the couple to be surrounded by their guests in a semi circle where everyone throws in on them at once, the bonus of this is that everyone’s in the photo, just make sure everyone throws at the same time (hence the title of this blog).

Instead of having lots of wedding guests in your confetti moment, you could choose just to have a confetti throw with your bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family members, it really is up to you!

The perfect keepsake

The perfect keepsake

Ever wondered what to do with your bridal bouquet after your big day? Or mabe you have a very special button hole or corsage? Botony London have the perfect answer in the form of your flowers dried, pressed and made into the most beautiful bespoke picture to grace your walls.

We met Botony London when they joined us for art @ 57 a few months ago as one of our sellers. We quickly realised their art was something that the world, or at the very least, south London, should know about. The flowers are mostly home grown in gardens in East Dulwich, dried over a period of weeks and then displayed in vintage frames. Add a photo from your special day and you have the most stunning keepsake.

Botany London take the flowers on the day, or day after your wedding and press the flowers by hand. After 6 weeks or so the flowers are ready to be arranged in an 8×8” or 10×10” square frame. They aim to recreate the look and feel of the wedding itself, and love talking to brides to ensure that they achieve this for them as a perfect memento of their special day. They can include Polaroid photos as part of the display and are also open to including bespoke elements to make the frames even more personal.

This lovely idea isn’t restricted to weddings, these beautiful frames can also be made using Prom flowers, Baby gift flowers, Christening flowers or even Birthday flowers, so if you have a special occassion you’d like to remember in a special way do get in touch.

By email

Or by Instagram

'Ring Forms and Bold Lino Cuts '

'Ring Forms  and Bold Lino Cuts '

During August Art@57  has an exciting exhibition in the window  by two local Artists – Ben Swift and Ellen Hanceri. They will be displaying their latest Prints and Ceramics.

Ben’swork explores self-organising forms with an emphasis on the gestural qualities involved in the making process,  creating rhythms, textures and empathy with the chosen medium. His material usage is wide ranging, from ceramics to metals to found objects. He incorporates transformative processes such as firing, casting and fabrication to achieve works that are quiet but allude to larger concepts, often to do with the mathematical, geometric and astronomical, but always mediated by the limitations and thus the expressive capabilities of hand and eye.

He teaches sculpture at Mary Ward Centre and Morley College. This work is supported by an enthusiasm for invention and innovation, that he endeavours to pass on to students.

Ellen is a designer and printmaker, who studied at Camberwell School of Art and The City and Guilds of London Art School. She combines traditional printmaking processes in her work, including lino, intaglio, and screen printing.  Through print, she explores bold repeat pattern and biodiversity of organic form, working with a variety of surface, designing for ceramic, leather and paper.  Work is produced at her studio in London, and clients include Liberty Art Prints, Osborne and Little, Zoffany, Laura Ashley and White Stuff.

At UAL’s London College of Communication, she holds the dual roles of Senior Lecturer on BA Illustration andVisual Media and Academic Coordinator for Enterprise and Employability,  where she works with staff to open up opportunities for collaboration with industry.


The exhibition runs from July 28th – September 2nd . Prices range from £75 – £450.

Please contact Louise – Curator Art@57 with any enquiries  –  infoartat57@gmail.com

Our next Art Markets are Saturday September 21st and Saturday October 26th, 10am -4pm.

Smile please - It's good fun when Prop "Pop Up"

Smile please - It's good fun when Prop "Pop Up"

On the 18th July we had another Wedding Late drop in session at the Horniman Conservatory and we were lucky enough to be joined by Teddy from Prop.  We had a lovely time chatting to all our visitors about hiring the Conservatory and how their wedding plans might work with the venue, and of course they got to have some fun trying out Teddy’s “photo booth” too.
We event planners were feeling quite envious, but we were lucky because at the end of the night Teddy let us have a go too – hurrah!  So here we are – Sharon, Amanda & Andrea demonstrating just how silly we can be, just for you!

Prop offer photo booth or GIF booth to reflect your personal style.Their booths are completely customisable from the print outs to the booth itself so it can be an attractive feature at your wedding, as you can see from the lovely green backdrop behind us!

All Prop’s photo booth and GIF booth packages include everything you need for a perfect wedding, including:

  • Unlimited print outs (specially designed for your event)
  • Selection of props
  • Choice of backdrop
  • Booth attendant
  • Online gallery

Mention this blog (or meeting Teddy at one of our Wedding Late events) for a free hour to be added to your booking.

Prop will be with us again at our next Conservatory Wedding Late  from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Thursday, 26th September. Send us an email if you’d like to attend. 

Click here to find out more about Prop by visiting their website.


Mother & Son Cooking Together for one night only!

Mother & Son Cooking Together for one night only!

Its not often that Oliver lets it be known that he is my son.  Even at work he calls me Sue or Chef rather than Mum and I respect him for being able to separate his work and home life.

Recently we were contacted by Jack at SOOP Stories to see if we (Oliver and I) might be interested in a little collaboration at Dulwich Picture Gallery to host a Supper Club in the New Pavilion. It isn’t often I venture into the kitchen these days, but this was an opportunity too good to miss and we both jumped at the chance.

Thinking caps on, we wanted to offer a menu that is a little different, something to excite our regulars, and our new audience too.  After much discussion we decided to embrace my new vegan diet and cook a plant-based meal.  This is a true collab with Oli and I creating the menu and actually cooking together – how exciting!

It is always exciting to cook in a new venue and I hope that our guests will be a lovely mix of clients both existing and new.  You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this meal, in fact you may well be suprised to know some of the dishes are vegetarian! I am always happy to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in a plant based diet, but I’m not evangelical about it, it just works for me on a healthy basis!

Come along and enjoy the menu, everything will be locally sourced and cooked from scratch.  The menu is made up of my absolute favourite dishes and dishes that either Oli or I cook at home as well as work.

Oli is a newly qualified pastry chef so working with ingredients other than cream and butter is quite new to him!  The dessert is interesting and came about after we had a few too many avocados left over.  I’m also a bit of a chocolate fan so giving up milk chocolate was a challenge but this dessert has more than made up for loosing this velvety smooth luxury item from my pantry.

Read more about the East Dulwich Supper Club at the New Dulwich Pavilion

31st July from 7.30pm

£45 per person

See the menu

That'll do pig!

That'll do pig!

Very pretty buffet yesterday for a stunning wedding in Dulwich. They had a hog roast and some super summer salads to accompany. We have our own hog roast machine and bought our sow from @flockandherd breads from @rockstar_bakers our display pink piggy plus perfect buffet dishes from @roullierwhite our vegetables from @smithandbrock and our micro herbs from @mini_crops so kept it all very local.

All chefs that worked for this event are from a 3 mile radius too so very very local talent. Needless to say, we had a very happy bride and groom plus 80 guests! No buffet is ever complete in my opinion without superb olive oils and we always work with @filippoberio_uk for our EV oil and balsamics.

'Plants, Flowers and Seeds'

'Plants, Flowers and Seeds'

This July, in celebration of the summer, Art@57 presents a group exhibition on the theme of plants, flowers and seeds. Paintings, prints, photography, ceramics and textiles from thirteen different local Artists who have responded to the theme in their own individual and creative way will be on display in our window.

Bridget Baileytrained as a textile milliner and now creates extraordinarily intricate textile art based on nature. Miguel Sopenais a physicist turned artist, who uses light and shadow skilfully in his expressive paintings. Rafael Atenciais a ceramicist whose creations express feelings in a tangible and tactile form. Julia Burnett  paints lyrical landscapes full of light and air. Greg Becker’s  paintings and prints capture the atmosphere of a place. Kim Minuti  works across printmaking methods, creating ‘hybrid’ works evolved from urban surroundings. Diana McKinnonis a Textile Artist working in free motion embroidery whose focus is light, colour and texture. Botany London make beautiful frames filled with real dried pressed flowers Rian Hotton employs his observations of colour and light in the environment to create bold and distinctive prints and paintings. Louise Warduses the medium of photography to explore time, natural forms and the boundaries between photography, painting and drawing. Joanna Szwej-Hawkin’sintriguing ceramic tiles suggest a narrative. Camilla Gray’soil paintings and watercolours explore light and mood in dreamlike landscapes. Marie Lenclos creates highly detailed figurative oil paintings which capture moments of light.

All the works are for sale.

If you would like to view a particular work or are interested in the work of a particular Artist then please contact the curator, Louise by email

Follow us on Instagram @artat57.

Suzanne saves the day (again)!

Suzanne saves the day (again)!

Things do not always go as planned on events…… and if there is one element of the day that I’ve had to rescue more than any other it’s the cake.

The image below is not how the cake was given to me after being delivered to the venue! I was expecting to do no more than lift a perfect cake out of the box and place it on the cake stand……..except that unfortunatley it had fallen over in transit and the bottom tier had been felled like a tree – it was literally resting on the side of the box and was flat on one side!

A rather sad client handed it over and asked if there was anything I could do to help. 🤔 Make a lovely chocolate trifle I thought – but that was not helping and thankfully I managed not to say it out loud!

Thinking cap on.
Nearest supermarket here I come!
Betty Crocker ready made icing in a tub, summer berries, chocolate truffles, gin and tonic in a can, and some sandwich bags purchased!

I drank the gin and tonic (whilst planning the rescue mission)……too good to waste on the cake after all!

And so to work.  First up was the Betty Crocker icing, used to create a base layer, on top of which I piped grey icing (using the sandwich bags as piping bags), to make the cake look a bit like a drip cake.

I added the berries to hide the cracks. 

What you can’t see is the foil under the icing to keep the cake upright! 

The client gave me a huge hug when I presented the “new version of the old cake” to her …….phew – mission accomplished.

I took off my Suzanne James cape, folded it up neatly and popped it back in my event emergency bag for next time! 


This is the life of an event caterer to a tee!