Career Champions

Career Champions

Suzanne is proud to have been chosen as one of Lucia’s Career Champions for a series of inspiring interviews with incredible people who followed their passion and created a successful career that they love.

The interviews will be showcasing the highs and growth of pursuing a career and most importantly showing what is possible. These are the success stories of your next-door neighbours who just went for it and became true career champions.

Lucia Margarida Pestana will be conducting the interviews, she has background experience in radio broadcasting and is very curious by nature, she loves listening to people stories and she is always equipped with interesting and unusual questions, according to two famous Portuguese music bands she interviewed in the past.

Who is Lucia?

Lucia Margarida Pestana is the Founder of Pestana’s HR & Coaching, she has a successful career in Human Resources working as HR & Training Manager with generalist experience for 9 years. Her experience includes setting up a department from scratch, investing in people, and developing management teams, Lucia understood that coaching was the skill she wanted to specialise in.

Naturally, this learning was pursued and evolved into Career Coaching. Having an understanding of HR and Coaching Lucia became really passionate about helping people make the most of their careers and help determined people, to follow their passion, and go for the career of their dreams without fears or limitations.

Lucia’s motto is do what you love and love what you are doing, she hopes to influence and inspire people to fulfill their career purpose, just like she has found hers.

The live Interviews will happen on Facebook, every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.00 pm (BST) throughout June on Pestana’s HR & Coaching business page, make sure you like and follow so that you don’t miss out on connecting with the awesome Career Champions!

1st Live 2nd June at 2.00 pm Lucia will be introducing the project

You can read more about the project and about those taking part on Lucia’s website here.

Home Cooking Hampers

Home Cooking Hampers

  • Fed up with preparing meals and cooking?
  • Usually go out to eat but everywhere closed!
  • Looking for a trained chef to cook delicious meals, ready to eat or freeze?

✅ We got that covered!

Many people are offering delivery boxes of ready main course meals and then you have to schlep to the shops and queue up again for fruit and vegetables and it’s such a pain isn’t it? Some of you, well hundreds to be fair, have been loyally tuning in to my Instagram posts and following my cookery classes (@eastdulwichchef) and we have been having such a great time but now, let’s think about all the working from home that you are doing, all the travel costs you are saving and all the coffees you are no longer buying and voila, lets now think about a little investment into “You Time!”

It is apparent that many of our clients, and their friends are looking to buy from and support independent companies like mine. I am frequently asked for a meal prep service and it’s obvious that we are now looking to invest in ourselves and are willing to spend a little more on food and drink.

Work is calling you to return, but you may have just scored a little more #wfh (working from home) time and if that’s the case, you know you really do have to catch up with the reports and maybe spend a little less time in the kitchen or the garden!

We are offering Home Cooking Hampers @ £150 per hamper.

All individually portioned meals ready for the week in the fridge or pop them in the freezer for later:
2 x Pork and Beef Lasagne – Meat
2 x Chipotle marinaded Chicken Breasts – Meat
2 x Lemon and Garlic marinaded Salmon Fillets – Fish
2 x Red Peppers filled with Rose Harissa spiced Puy Lentils – Vegetarian
2 x Chilli Sin Carne – Vegetarian

Vegetables prepared and ready to reheat:
2 x Baby Potatoes with Mint Butter
2 x French Beans with Almond Butter
2 x Carrot Batons with Dill Butter
2 x Cauliflower Cheese
2 x Long Stem Broccoli Florets
2 x Roasted Butternut Squash with Harissa Spices

2 x Chocolate Brownie
2 x Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie
2 x Brioche and Butter Pudding
2 x Tiramisu
2 x Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Each hamper is for 2 people.

Available every Saturday throughout July – Pick up at 12.00pm from 11b Barry Road, SE22 0HX

Click here to place your order

The Perfect Picnic - Pic(k) Up & Go!

The Perfect Picnic - Pic(k) Up & Go!

As lockdown restrictions start to ease and we are able to meet friends at a 2 metre distance, we are all starting to think about how we can safely spend time together.

I am sure that you, like me, will be feeling excited about getting out and about again and being able to enjoy the Great British Summer, plus of course sitting in our better than ever ‘lockdown loved to the max’ gardens – have any of us ever gardened quite so much?!

At the moment I know that the thought of the queues at the shops and limited produce available can make the idea of any kind of cooking, or food related socialising off-putting – especially when the sun is shining – who wants to stand-in a queue when you could be lying on a sun-lounger! I thought it through a little more, and have come up with an offer that I hope will make life much easier for you, should you wish to celebrate a special occasion, or get together with a friend you have been missing.

There is nothing nicer than a good old fashioned Picnic…

There is so much we can’t do at present, but we can definitely sit on separate blankets, under a tree and share a bottle of something lovely with friends or family, even if it is at a 2 metre distance.

We want to support you as you adjust to the new normal with the very best food experience, supplied with minimum fuss. Why bother with DIwhY when we have the perfect picnic – ready and waiting for you to enjoy in the comfort of your garden, or local beauty spot?

You bring the basket and we will do the rest… We will even include a bottle of chilled Fizz for you to share along with a couple of fully compostable glasses!

If you have saved on travel expenses by working from home, then one thing is for sure, this is a very special offer; and we all definitely deserve a treat right now!

Picnics are priced at £50 for 2 people and include:

* A selection of sandwiches

* Very Vegetarian Quiche
* Bulgar Salad with Chickpeas, Heritage Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers & Feta

* Peanut Butter Cookies
* Chocolate Brownies
* Summer Berry Tarts

* A Bottle of Fizz

Available Every Saturday Throughout July – Pick up at 10.00am from 11b Barry Road, SE22 0HX

Order via website, payment online – click here.

Afternoon Teas to Take Away!

Afternoon Teas to Take Away!

Are you, like me, very excited about seeing your family and friends again and being able to hug, cry, share thoughts and just have a cup of tea together? That moment when you can remove a face mask and see each other smile… I relish that day and I honestly can’t wait!

In the meantime, I have been dreaming about Sunday lunch with my mum but then thought of the queues at the shops, all the work that goes into the prep, and the warm weather; which really means I’d rather have a salad.

I pondered this a little more, and suddenly though about my favourite style of dining, and probably the most enjoyable meal I could wish ever for – Afternoon Tea of course! To me nothing screams British Summertime louder than Afternoon Tea.  It is the epitome of all things British, and the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. I long to hear the tinkle of a piano in the distance, the gentle sound of a teaspoon against good quality china as you stir tea, and of course the sound of champagne corks popping!

As always, we only offer a very high-end handmade menu using the absolute best in seasonal, organic, sustainable ingredients sourced locally, from independent artisan companies. These values have never been more important to us than they are right now and buying from us will see small family run businesses like mine, succeed and thrive going forward.

Sadly, I can’t provide the pianist or cups of tea in fine bone china, but we do have finger sandwiches cut with precision, cakes to pile high and freshly baked scones – the rest is up to you. You bring the basket and we will do the rest… We will even include a bottle of chilled Fizz for you to share along with a couple of fully compostable glasses!

One thing is for sure, this is a very special offer, and after lockdown life you definitely deserve a treat!

Picnics are priced at £50 for 2 people and include:

* Granary bread, salted butter, smoked Scottish salmon, cream cheese, capers, lemon & black pepper (or vegetarian alternative)
* Wholemeal bread, salted butter, coconut cream cheese, cucumber & mint
* Multi grain bread, salted butter, Clarence Court egg mayonnaise & watercress

* Three-cheese scones layered with Wiltshire Ham & tomato chutney (or vegetarian alternative)
* Sausage, Apple & Thyme Pastries (or vegetarian alternative)

* Devonshire Scones with Clotted Cream & Strawberry Jam
* Black Forest Tart with Cherries & Hazelnuts
* White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie

* A Bottle of Fizz

Available every Saturday throughout June – Pick up at 10.00am from 11b Barry Road, SE22 0HX

Order via website, payment online – click here.

Father's Day BBQ Package - Sunday 21st June

Father's Day BBQ Package - Sunday 21st June

With Spring being the hottest on record it appears we are in for a pretty good Summer too! It’s arrived and although it already looks and feels different to the summers we’re used to, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of what the season has to offer.

With shops shut and queues disappearing into the distance, it’s no wonder the facepalm emoji is on our frequently used list! I lost my father a few years ago and without him, Father’s Day just doesn’t seem right… however, I have a husband and two sons so it’s my duty to be sure they remember the importance of this day and we always celebrate over a meal together.

If you would usually organise brunch or lunch out but lockdown has got you re-evaluating the decisions you make, then I have the answer…

Our Father’s Day, Beer & BBQ Box, is available for collection on Saturday 20th June and contains…

4 x 150g Special Recipe Homemade Burgers with Buns
4 x Cumberland Sausages with Buns
4 x Chipotle Chilli and Lime marinaded Chicken Skewers
4 x Lemon and Garlic marinaded Prawn Skewers
4 x Coleslaw
4 x Baby Potato Salad with Red Wine & Parsley Vinaigrette
4 x Plum Tomato & Feta Salad
4 x Mars Bar Brownie portions
1 x 4 portion Celebration Cake with Strawberries & Cream


  • £100 including Celebration Cake and 4 Meantime London Lagers
  • Pick up every Saturday from 20th June to the end of August
  • 10am or 11am Pick up available.

Click here to place your order

Lockdown London Taxi Tour

Lockdown London Taxi Tour

  • Ever wanted a tour of London, a proper tour with an experienced tour guide?
  • Feeling fed up, and in need of a change of view?
  • Looking to celebrate a special occasion, but can’t think how with current restrictions?

We have the perfect solution!

For a very short period of time, we are bringing you Lockdown London Taxi Tours in a brand new, state of the art, electric black taxi, complete with Suzanne James Catering!

The vehicle has a Perspex divider and separate air conditioning to the front and back for your protection and comfort.

Your driver (a professional tour guide) will pick you up from your door (SE22 area) and drive you into London Town to show you the capital as you have never seen it before or probably again! The Panoramic view sunroof will allow you to look up as well as to the side and see the beauty spots in our wonderful city.

With the ability to park in all the best selfie spots, don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to see London in Lockdown!

If this is a super special occasion then Claire Ballard, By Ballard Photography will meet you at one of your chosen beauty spots to take some professional photos to record for posterity!  You can book Claire via this link.

So, brush those cobwebs away, put on your glad rags and hit the town for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Available only on:

  • Friday 5th June
  • Saturday 6th June
  • Sunday 7th June

Price Includes:

  • Pick up from SE22 area by electric black cab.
  • Tour of London by experienced tour guide.
  • Taxi can park almost anywhere in London – including all the best selfie spots!
  • A 4 hour tour from pick up to drop off back home, to included London’s finest sights!

Suggested Menu:

* Granary bread, salted butter, smoked Scottish salmon, cream cheese, capers, lemon & black pepper or vegetarian alternative
* Wholemeal bread, salted butter, coconut cream cheese, cucumber & mint
* Multi grain bread, salted butter, Clarence Court egg mayonnaise & watercress

* 3-cheese scones, mustard butter, ham (or vegetarian alternative) & tomato chutney
* Sausage rolls with apple, thyme & poppy seeds or vegetarian alternative

* Devonshire scones, clothed cream & jam
* Black Forest tart – pastry case, cherry jam, amaretto soaked cherries, chocolate ganache & hazelnut crumb
* Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie
* Bottle Fizz
* Water

Tours are for a minimum of 2 people, but can accommodate 4 or 6 people – please contact us by email if you wish to add additional guests or discuss a vegetarian menu.

Availability & Prices:

9.00am – 1.00pm sunrise tour @ £250 for 2 people, plus £50 per additional couple.

2.00pm – 6.00pm afternoon tour @ £250 for 2 people, plus £50 per additional couple.

7.00pm – 11.00pm sunset tour @ £250 for 2 people, plus £50 per additional couple.

Photographer to be arranged directly as an additional cost @ £125 to meet at one beauty spot to take photos.

Book via this link

BN wIne Club

BN wIne Club

I was first invited to join a BNI networking group a few years ago but politely declined thinking that getting up for a 6.30am meeting was not for me. And why would it be? I work the other side of the clock so it was practically an impossible task for me to be awake before 8am let alone at a meeting!

Fast forward a few years and BNI knocked on my door once again, this time asking if they could host their meetings at fifty seven. Nooooooo, I secretly thought as I knew where the buck would stop to get up and in early to set up and serve breakfast. I had nightmares imagining the phone ringing at 5.45am, with the host asking who would be opening up that day and me still tucked up in bed – eek!  But business is business and with local companies already going to fifty seven for meetings, and my own enthusiasm to showcase the venue to a wider audience I could see the bigger picture.

Now, I’m not going to suggest that getting up at 5.30am is easy, especially when I have to work late on a Wednesday night or a Thursday night but I made a commitment, and I’m glad I gave it a go. Very quickly Sharon and I decided to share the job of opening up, which helped massively, and I really started to get to know the other attendees in the room.

The way that BNI works is to only allow one company from each profession to be a member within that group. This then locks out all competition and you really get to know each other’s profession and what type of clients you are looking to meet. There are only 6 degrees of separation and there is a good chance that someone will know someone who will know the person that you are trying to meet. That plus, you then have a room full of brand ambassadors who are all keen to see you succeed and will be listening out for ‘buying signals’ which means they have their ears to the ground and when someone is asking around for a recommendation, they know exactly who to suggest.

I give you this background as there is, as would be expected, caution when someone is as evangelical about a networking group as I am. I thought I would therefore do some Insta’Lives over on the gram (@eastdulwichchef) to showcase some of the great professionals that we have in this group (or chapter as it’s called), along with some people from other chapters. This way you can see how their business profiles have been raised and how their businesses have been saved & /or catapulted to the height of success that they are now at.

Networking is strange because a person only tends to network when business is quiet! Networking can increase business to the degree that you stop networking because you are too busy! returning again when business slows down. But really it is to best keep on going to continue the company recognition and brand values. When times are tough starting a 6.30am meeting means you have fun and it leaves you feeling inspired and highly motivated for the days’ work that lies ahead!

I hope you have enjoyed (or now enjoy the ‘Lives – they are still there to view on Instagram). Let me know if you are BNI Curious or, if you are in another chapter and would like to join me for a ‘Live then I can pop you in the diary – glass of wine optional..!

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

…..Award that is!

Those that have been generously supporting the Go Fund Me page that I set up to raise money to provide meals for children who attend Westminster House Youth Club in Nunhead, will be aware that we are almost 30% to target now. More is always needed so please do continue to donate if you can.

This fundraiser has made a huge difference to so many and here is why…

I had 3 chefs that I was unable to furlough because they are self employed. These chefs have been around for a long time and are real fabulous foodies but, of course, like so many others had no income during lockdown. Meanwhile, on the other side of my world, I was left unable to hold Supper Club evenings at fifty seven. Usually 100% of the profits from these events is donated to Westminster House Youth Club and I was very worried about how this loss of funding would affect the work they do.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and #feedourkids was born!

Your kindness has allowed local, vulnerable children and young adults to have a healthy nutritious meal made by the professional chefs and I can assure you that they have been very well received.  In fact, the donations have gone down a treat.

Enter stage left and my son Freddie, currently being ‘home schooled’ and wanting to expand his cookery skills – hurrah, this is my kind of teaching!  So I decided to teach Freddie how to “cook from scratch” which is part of what they also do at WHYC with the funding I donate.  So, with the use of fresh vegetables, pasta and rice, he will be making the vegetarian dishes each week that are then donated to the Youth Club members.

Freddie, who is 14, is also in the process of completing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award so can use this as part the volunteering section. So far so good; it has only been 2 weeks, but we have not fallen out yet and the kitchen is always left very tidy (phew)!

Wedding D(el)ay Party

Wedding D(el)ay Party

If you missed out on your wedding date due to COVID-19 and would like to catch up with friends and family in a small group, then fifty seven – our own  private event space in the heart of East Dulwich is the perfect place for you. We will be delighted to take care of a small group of family and friends – when legislation allows of course!

Cleaned beyond recognition, our venue, fifty seven, 57 North Cross Road, offers an exclusive private dining space for up to 24 guests and has a beautiful courtyard garden for pre-lunch/dinner drinks.

When I first bought fifty seven, I wanted to create a special space that would allow families to spend time together. Word spread quickly and fifty seven was well known for great food and service, alongside the flexible Bring Your Own drinks policy well before lockdown came along.

Now, as we slowly emerge from the COVID crisis and restrictions are easing, we are all looking forward to once again meeting up with those people that are close to us and that’s where we come in…. we have the perfect, safe, private, exclusive space for you to meet in!

If you have missed your family and friends and would like to escape the four walls that have imprisoned you during lockdown then we would love to look after you with our well thought through Family Dining Menus.

We have both lunchtime and evening availability.

You provide your own drinks and we do the rest!

Drinks will be served (you just let us know what you want served and when).
Homemade bread sticks and olives on arrival.

MENU – Seasonal sharing platters placed on tables allow for very little interaction needed by our professional waiting staff;


* Mixed Charcuterie
* Roasted & Marinated Vegetables
* Dips
* Rosemary Focaccia Breads


* Beef & Pork Lasagne
* Roasted Vegetable Lasagne
* Huge Bowls of Mixed Salad
* Tricolour Salad with Ripe Plum Tomatoes, Avocado, Mozzarella & Basil Leaves


* Pavlova Party Platters for guests to build their own Dessert.

* Coffee

Price: £50.00 per person
Minimum booking: 16 people


  • Friday 7.00pm-11.00pm
  • Saturday 1.00pm – 5.00pm or 7.00pm – 11.00pm
  • Sunday 1.00pm-5.00pm

Bookings available from 1st August (subject to availability and government guidelines)

Email us to book & pay securely on line. 

Lockdown Lunches Corporate Care Packages

Lockdown Lunches Corporate Care Packages

As the COVID restrictions are slowly relaxing, our route back to your hearts is to bring you and your staff “Lockdown Lunches”.

Our individually portioned buffet lunches will be delivered directly to your workplace. This will alleviate the need for your staff to leave the comfort of your office – lunch will come to you for a change! Forget all those unnecessary queues, keep your workforce safe and let them know how much you care…. who wants to queue when your lunch break is limited anyway?

Prepared under the strictest hygiene policies, in our 5 star rated kitchen, and available for delivery Wednesday and Thursday each week, our Lockdown Lunches are a little thank you after a lotta lockdown!

These menus have been specially chosen to be nutrient rich, organic, and to include superfoods to help fight infection and boost the immune system – something we all need right now!

Menu 1 – £20.00 – Minimum Order 10 Portions
Chipotle Chicken Buffet
Baked sweet potatoes, breast organic chipotle marinaded chicken, lollo rosso lettuce, black beans, blackened corn, avocado, coriander, lime & soured cream dressing

Menu 2 – £17.50 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Salmon Nicoise Buffet
Seared fillet lemon scented salmon, frizzae lettuce, French beans, pickled red onions, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, breakfast radish, black olives, hard boiled eggs & French dressing

Menu 3 – £15.00 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Vegetarian Greek Salad Buffet
Feta cheese, gems lettuce, cucumber, plum tomatoes, green peppers, shallots, black olives, basil leaves & red wine dressing

Menu 4 – £15.00 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Vegan Buffet
Basil, mint & EV olive oil infused bulgur with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, Pomodoro tomato sauce & micro basil leaves

Subject to Availability – Wednesday & Thursday until the end of August.

Prices exclude VAT & delivery fee – to be advised at time of booking.

Email to book.