Local Hero - Delivering Local Products to your Door!

Local Hero - Delivering Local Products to your Door!

You can now find both Fifty Seven and Suzanne James Catering on new local shopping & delivery service, Local Hero. The service was started by Jackie, who is local to the West Norwood area, during the first lockdown after she lost her job to redundancy. Jackie was inspired to find a way to assist local independent shops by helping them to offer customers an easy option for delivery. She set up the Local Hero website, where you can browse through the delicious food options offered by various local independent food stores and cafes easily and in one place, and get them delivered to your home.

Available to order from Fifty Seven are the grab & go breakfasts and lunches and Vits+Kicks drinks, the Wednesday hump night dinners and of course the Saturday brownie bar. From Suzanne James Catering, Festive Hampers are available to order, with choices between sweet, savoury and the exquisite brownie hamper consisting of 16 Christmas brownies!

As well as Fifty Seven and Suzanne James catering, Jackie also shops and delivers from other local independents across Dulwich, Herne Hill and West Norwood.

The other local shops available to order are:

Caffè Salva – an Italian Café/Coffee Shop in West Dulwich

Canopy Beer Co – a Craft Beer Brewery in Herne Hill

Dough Artisan Bakehouse – a Bakery in Herne Hill

Dugard & Daughters – a Butcher/Larder in Herne Hill

The Dulwich Bakery – a Bakery in West Dulwich

Eat Moore Fruit – a Greengrocers Stall in West Norwood

Franklins Farm Shop – a Farm Sourced Grocery Store in East Dulwich

Healthmatters – a Family-Run Health Food Store in East Dulwich

Jones, The Butchers. – a Butcher in Herne Hill

La Gastronomia – an Italian Delicatessen in West Dulwich

Mercatto – a Brazilian & Polish Delicatessen in West Norwood

Mons – a Cheesemongers in East Dulwich

Moxon’s – a Fishmongers in East Dulwich


With more shops signing up all the time, this is a great way to keep supporting small local businesses from home.

You will soon be able to order from Fifty Seven and Suzanne James Catering on Local Hero, via our page localherolondon.com/pages/fifty-seven which is currently under construction.

🎄Festive Hampers! 🎄

🎄Festive Hampers! 🎄

Ho, ho ho! We’ve put together delicious Festive BROWNIE Hampers for Christmas!

They’re boxed in eco packaging and tied up with ribbons. You can order these via the website and we can send them out to you, your friends and your family for Christmas. 🌟 🌟

There are 4 of each types of brownie;

🎄White Chocolate & Cranberry
🎄Dark Chocolate & Cherry
🎄Chocolate Orange
🎄Rum & Raisin

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One tiny bite bursting with different flavours and textures – all eaten in a single delicious mouthful. No tricky skewers and no messy dips. Just bites of loveliness, beautifully presented and made from the very best seasonal ingredients.

Making #canapes are my R&R and it just makes my heart sing to be making such works of art.

Sigh. This time of year we should be making literally thousands of canapes. But that’s not so this year. So, instead, we’re currently recipe developing for when events return 🙌 🙌 and we cannot wait to showcase our new creations.

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Splendid Sourdough!

Splendid Sourdough!

Hubble, bubble, but without the toil and trouble… Just flour, salt and water! The beauty of making sourdough bread is that, as the starter ferments and grows, it’s getting ready to do all the heavy lifting and work for you!

Here’s Chef Ollie with one of his much-loved Sourdough loaves, which we’re selling as part of our Essential Items at Fifty Seven. With a beautifully spongey, aerated dough, a lovely crispy crust and delicious flavours from all the fermentation… Mmmmm!

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Start your day the Fifty Seven way!

Start your day the Fifty Seven way!

Here at Fifty Seven we’re serving nutrient-laden Grab & Go Breakfasts, to help you start your day with a jump-start!

Head on over, we’re open from 8.30am, North Cross Road, East Dulwich.

We have this delicious Overnight Oats, with Blueberries, Hazelnuts & Dark Chocolate.

We’re also serving Buddha Breakfast Bowls with Vegan Vanilla Yogurt; Banana Bread with Vegan Yogurt and Blueberry Compote; and Vegan Sourdough Croissants. 🙌 🙌

And between 8.30-9.30am we’re currently offering Coffee & Croissant for a fiver! 👏 👏

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Nurture In Nature

Nurture In Nature

As we come to the end of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, apples come to my mind with all their wonderful winter warming characteristics.

With these beautiful apples that I’ve picked I’m thinking of baked apples bubbling away in the oven, perhaps in a pie, a crumble or a cobbler. Perhaps caramelised on the hob and added into a tarte tatin or a puff-pastry tart. Or mixed with delicious spices and aromatics, to bring cheer into our lives.

I say to myself that if all around us the fruits and veg can still grow and bloom, we must take inspiration from them. We must dig our heels in, make sure all around us are safely with us, take in nutrients into our bodies and draw energy into our souls, and keep going!

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Beautiful Brassicas!

Beautiful Brassicas

To me, there is nothing humble about the cabbage. Nor anything ordinary about the cauliflower. In my home, and in my business, they are not only much-loved but also much-revered.

Take a Savoy cabbage, for example. This hardy vegetable braves all weathers, and even grows on poor soil, yet it grows into a richly-coloured, majestic vegetable. I use the leaves in so many ways – chopped up and fried with butter and lardons, blanched whole then stuffed, in pasta, risottos, pies, stir-fries, coleslaws, pickled and preserved, and the list goes on…

Then there is the cauliflower!  Don’t even get me started!  Oh well, I have now… The joys of a fresh, firm cauliflower are so very many, and I absolutely love the fact that cauliflowers are now being recognised in all their glory. Not just to cower under a gloopy cheese sauce, but to become the hero of a meal! Cauliflower steaks fried with harissa, roasted with romesco, or even baked with a Parmesan crust. Mmmmm!

We’re selling these beautiful greens in our “Essentials” range at Fifty Seven. Do pop by and see us, and take home a piece of veg wonder!

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🎄 🎄 Festive Savoury Hampers! 🎄 🎄

🎄 🎄 Festive Savoury Hampers! 🎄 🎄

Ho, ho ho! We’ve put together delicious hampers for Christmas! They’re boxed in eco packaging and straw. You can order these to be sent to friends or family for Christmas. Or just for yourself! ☃️ ☃️

🌟 Festive Savoury Hamper
Box Cheese Straws
Bag Spiced Nuts
Bag Stuffed Olives
Bag Pickled Vegetables
Bag Dried Fruits
Bag Pickled Onions with Juniper & Thyme
Jar Green Tomato Chutney
3 Award-winning Cheeses – Cheddar, Stilton, Parmesan
Bag 6 Crackers
100g Truffle Salami
Miniature Bottle Filippo Berio UK Filippo Berio EV Olive Oil
Miniature Bottle Filippo Berio Balsamic Vinegar
Candy Cane
Christmas Cracker

Price per hamper as listed above @ £60.00 (collection, or delivery charges apply)

🎄Add 10cm Christmas Cake @ £10.00
🎄Add Bag 2 Mince Pies @ £4.00
🎄Add Chocolate Salami @ £7.50
🎄Add mulled wine spices @ £1.80

To order please email sue@suzannejames.co.uk

#christmashamper #festivehamper #savouryhamper #sweethamper #christmas #christmaspresents #christmasshopping #filippoberio

🎄 🎄 Festive Sweet Hampers! 🎄 🎄

🎄 🎄 Festive Sweet Hampers! 🎄 🎄

Ho, ho ho! Here are our delicious Sweet Hampers for Christmas! (Boxed in eco packaging and straw.) ☃️ ☃️

🌟 Festive Sweet Hamper
10cm Brandy-soaked Fruit Cake
10cm Chocolate Salami wrapped in parchment
Bag of 4 Cranberry Shortbread
Bag 4 Stollen
Bag of 2 Mince Pies
Bag of 2 Almond Amoretti
Bag of 4 Champagne Chocolate Truffles
Bag of 4 Mini Almond & Milk Chocolate Florentines
Bag of 4 Hazelnut Cantuccini
Bag Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
200ml Bottle Prosecco
Candy Cane
Christmas Cracker

Price per hamper as listed above @ £60.00 (collection, or delivery charges apply)

🎄Add cheese & crackers & home made green tomato chutney @ £9.00
🎄Add spiced nuts @ £3.00
🎄Add mulled wine spices @ £1.80

To order please email

#christmashamper #festivehamper #savouryhamper #sweethamper #christmas #christmaspresents #christmasshopping

@lovenorthcrossrd All you can do is smile...

@lovenorthcrossrd All you can do is smile...

It’s been a rollercoaster of a few months here at Fifty Seven @eastdulwichchef @vitsandkicks and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon…

We’re incredibly thankful to all (some familiar, some new faces) who have come to support and enjoyed our latest offering these last couple of months and we can assure you the latest lockdown hasn’t thwarted our attempts in continuing to build immunity in the community all be it in a slightly different format.

Every Tuesday – Saturday from 8:30am – 4pm you can grab your essential fresh food ingredients along with a deliciously indulgent selection of breakfasts, fresh salads of the day, immune boosting juices, hot drinks, and protein fueled vegan smoothies.

As a small thank you for everyone’s support we will now be offering coffee & croissant from 8:30am-9:30am and coffee & cake from 3pm – 4pm daily both for a fiver!

Much Love x

#shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #eatlocal