Health Inspired Drinks With A ​Kick....

Health Inspired Drinks With A ​Kick....

Matt tells all about how he was inspired to start his own cocktail concept…..

“After many years spent mixing up drinks in a variety of London’s leading establishments, it was apparent to me that the global health & wellness trend was beginning to influence consumer lifestyle choices and it was only a matter of time before this would spread to popular drinking culture.

Recognising this shift in consumer trend, a love for the art of centrifugal juicing and all it’s nutritional benefits and combining it with ten years mixology experience I created the new health inspired vits+kicks cocktail concept.

Fresh vegetable & fruit juice combinations with a kick… Alcohol! No added sugars or sweeteners, just earth’s natural ingredients and alcohol shaken up into micronutrient enriched hedonistic cocktails.

But never fear, if you’re more about the Vits and less about the Kicks you can enjoy our vitamin enriched concoctions in healthy mocktail form.

Loaded with a new cocktail concept and a fully operational bar installation, the Vits+Kicks journey began in the shape of a mobile cocktail bar company servicing private parties, events and fitness festivals across the country.

Four years later, two additional smoothie bar residencies at Studio Lagree & Reach Fitness Studio Clapham, and a wonderfully accommodating Suzanne James, you can now enjoy the full Vits+Kicks repertoire at our exciting new collaboration with 5​7 North Cross Road, SE22 9ET every weekend from 11am-3pm.

If your micronutrient thirst has grown too strong to wait, you can also find a selection of our healthy concoctions via the Deliveroo & Uber Eats platforms.”

Hope to see you soon!


You can find Vits+Kicks at fifty seven, 57 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, SE22 every Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

Suzanne James brownies also available to purchase on both days!

A little party, just a small one...

A little party, just a small one...

As we slowly emerge from lockdown spare a thought for all those people in the hospitality industry who have worked hard and served you well over the years. The ones that got up early and went home late to ensure you had the best party ever.

Those same people were told on 23rd March that as they work for caterers (not in a pub or restaurant) that they are not part of the hospitality industry and therefore their bosses would have to let them go or follow the furlough guidelines and offer them 80% of their wages.

Now; let’s move to 1st August and with the majority of weddings & corporate events cancelled and the possibility of those in hospitality now looking at near extinction, please have a think about ways that you could possibly host a little soirée at home while we take into account social distancing and the social bubbles you may have created.

If a cleaner is allowed into your home (having come from the last home and of course then moving to the next home on their list) then maybe a waiting person or chef is too? If you are able to now go and eat out in a restaurant then why not enjoy the same luxuries at home? I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that that as long as the rules say we can serve you then we will be ready to do so.

Our staff are keen, able and ready to follow the letter of the new normal law so please check in on us if you need help with anything.

We have already been organising the most delicious social bubble picnics and micro weddings with each guest having a party bag tailored to their needs where necessary.

We even have a stylist on hand to help you create a beautiful space for your special event.

Give us a call or email us and let’s talk. We can work out what’s possible and have a bespoke menu sent within a couple of hours!

t. 020 8693 6331

Anyone for an Espresso Daiquiri?

Anyone for an Espresso Daiquiri?

We have been following Myatts Fields Cocktails since their journey began, and yesterday we were delighted to receive news of their latest limited edition cocktail.

The Espresso Daiquiri is a warming and rich alternative to the classic vodka recipe. The rum brings a lot of complexity – vanilla, oak, honey, and a background of candied fruits. The coffee is still the hero, but the rum left on the tongue as the drink fades is (we think) pretty magic.

Clemency and Cyrus made this drink last Christmas for a party, and the response was so exciting that they knew one day they would work out how to make this drink at scale. That day has come, and here is the second of their limited edition cocktails.

The total batch is 100 bottles. This offer is to Cocktail Club Members only for now, and will go public next Friday. Order limit of two as we’d like as many people to try as possible. Drinks will be dispatched on August 1st.

Don’t forget, supplies are limited, so get your order in as soon as you can!

Find out more

When Mika & Paul Didn't Get Married...

When Mika & Paul Didn't Get Married...

Like so many couples Mika & Paul’s wedding day, set for 20th June 2020 has been postponed to next year due to the COVID19 Pandemic, but they didn’t want to let the day go unmarked. They decided to book one our of special Afternoon Teas and take it up to the Horniman Museum as a picnic. They both dressed for the occassion  and Mika ordered flowers from Pesh, who will also be supplying the flowers for their wedding day.

We slipped a mini ‘wedding cake’ into their Afternoon Tea order as a surprise, and were delighted to hear that they “both held the knife like a proper married couple” when they cut it.

The day became even more special when they discovered that one of the Horniman Museum’s resident artists (Ansuman Bisman) was preparing an art installation in the gardens that day to commemorate the exit from lockdown, and our new beginnings, with a Solstice ritual.

He was putting together a time capsule which will be buried under an oak tree in the gardens. Mika & Paul were able to contribute a Polaroid photograph of themselves, along with a sprig of flowers from Mika’s hair and one of the Suzanne James stickers from the picnic basket on the back of the photos to be placed in the time capsule!

The oak tree will be in the field behind the Bandstand, and when Mika & Paul do finally wed next year they will be able to have a photograph taken with the tree. We hope that in future years they will be able to return again and again to celebrate their anniversary with a picnic, in the shade of the tree, which has a very special memory hidden amongst its roots.

The week after their visit we received this lovely email from Mika;

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the lovely picnic on Saturday. It would have been our wedding with your team at the Horniman Conservatory, and even though the day was not as planned, we had a lovely day in the Horniman Museum gardens enjoying your picnic, the sun and some good books instead. I attach some photos of our day to say thanks.

We loved the picnic. I especially loved the peanut butter blondie and the cake you made really touched us! We even both held the knife like a proper married couple when we cut it.

It was odd seeing the conservatory completely empty with all the chairs and tables pulled up, and thinking that it should have been filled with our friends and family, laughter, music and delicious food, but I am sure that the day that should have been will ultimately pale in comparison to the day that will be.

So thanks again for making it special even though it was not as originally planned, and thanks as always for being so helpful and accommodating with rebooking everything. I hope your exit from lockdown is smooth and productive.”

Thank you so much Mika & Paul for supporting us through lockdown with the Afternoon Tea order, for sending such a lovely email and photographs afterwards and most of all for allowing us to share your story with everyone in blog form. We can’t wait to help your day finally happen in 2021.

This year has been so hard for us all, but stories like this really do lift the spirits and we hope it will put as big a smile on your faces as it did ours!

You can read more about Ansuman Bisman – Also known as the Time Sculptor here on the Horniman Museum’s Website.

Not all heroes wear masks... but we do!

Not all heroes wear masks... but we do!

It has been a while since I played dress up, and I thoroughly loved being a super hero when I was a child – I always imagined myself as Wonder Woman, spinning around and battling the baddies with my armbands!

It came as a bit of a surprise recently when a friend messaged me asking when I became a dentist??? What on earth was she on about? It turns out she had watched a post I had uploaded to facebook when wearing our new covid uniforms and yes, it did look like I was dentist!

More recently, I was contacted by Kate Darkins, a local photographer who is offering quick photo shoots, socially distanced, of course and is donating her fees to local charities. Kate says it keeps her busy while feeling good about doing something for others.

When Kate popped in she snapped away while I was preparing scones for our weekend offer of Luxurious Lockdown Afternoon Teas and also Brownies for our recently opened Brownie Bar, which you will find every Saturday at our shop, fifty seven, 57 North Cross Road, SE22.

So, here I am in my new uniform because real superheroes don’t wear capes, some of us wear aprons!

For more details of how we have adjusted the business to cope with the covid 19 pandemic, please take a look at our new home page

As always, we are available to listen to your plans and make them a reality. New dates available over the summer months.

A Foodies Guide to Salmon

A Foodies Guide to Salmon

There’s a saying in the seafood industry: the West eats cod, the East eats mackerel and everyone eats salmon.

And yet, for a fish we eat so much of, most of us know very little about it. OK, we know if it’s fresh, smoked or canned, we might even know whether it’s farmed or wild but pushed a little further about the different varieties, its seasonality and even its sustainability and we’re largely stumped.

So whether you’re eating chinook or chum, sockeye or coho, the Marine Stewardship Council have put together this great Foodies Guide to Salmon, exploring its different tastes and textures, recipe ideas and cooking tips and sustainable outlook. Because for some of us, life without salmon is unthinkable.

Calling all Link Age Southwark patrons!

Calling all Link Age Southwark patrons!

The Corona Virus Pandemic has affected all of us one way or another. Link Age Southwark is a very special, local charity that we have worked with for many years. Link Age provides friendly volunteer support to over 700 older people in Southwark who are feeling lonely or isolated.

For the charity Corona Virus has meant that much of their usual fundraising schedule has not been able to go ahead. The open garden events, auction of promises at the Golf Club and Maggy Piggott’s talk on ‘How to age joyfully’ at Bell House have all had to be cancelled or postponed until next year. You can imagine the impact that will have on their community fundraising.

One of things that they are doing to help fill the gap is a Crowdfunder. Please consider making a donation to the project and help them reach their all-or-nothing target by clicking here – if they don’t reach their target all supporters will be refunded and the project won’t be funded. It would also be amazing if you could share the link to the crowdfunder page with five of your friends and family letting them know about the work of Link Age Southwark and encouraging them to support this project. Thank you for any support you can provide.

The full link to the crowdfunding page is There is also a short video on the page that explains how the project will benefit local older people who are socially isolated. Some of the funds will go towards core costs.

Link Age Southwark is very fortunate to have great support from its Ambassadors and the charity has been working with them to produce Lockdown Listens – a series of readings where some of their actor Ambassadors read a short story or poem. This third in the series is by Robert Glenister. Take a listen!

Last but not least, Neil Ellis & Stevie Henden look forward to sharing their very special garden in Dulwich with you via a virtual open garden on Sunday 21st June from 2pm – 3pm. Join them online via Facebook Live.  They will be showing you around their tranquil haven in the heart of South London and giving you a commentary on the inspirations behind the design and planting strategy. You will see it has abundant, eclectic herbaceous borders, and winding paths which tempt you ever onwards. It is a haven for butterflies and bees who love the riot of colour. Neil and Stevie are really pleased to be running this virtual open garden event to raise money for Link Age Southwark. For more details and to join this event please visit their Facebook event:

World Oceans Day - How a little blue label can help to make a big blue future!

World Oceans Day - How a little blue label can help to make a big blue future!

Have you ever wondered what the blue Marine Stewardship Council label means when you see if on a seafood product?

For World Oceans Day the MSC have created a video that explains how their certified fisheries are well managed, we hope it will encourage you to choose the little blue label and ensure the world has a big blue future!

Watch the video

Career Champions

Career Champions

Suzanne is proud to have been chosen as one of Lucia’s Career Champions for a series of inspiring interviews with incredible people who followed their passion and created a successful career that they love.

The interviews will be showcasing the highs and growth of pursuing a career and most importantly showing what is possible. These are the success stories of your next-door neighbours who just went for it and became true career champions.

Lucia Margarida Pestana will be conducting the interviews, she has background experience in radio broadcasting and is very curious by nature, she loves listening to people stories and she is always equipped with interesting and unusual questions, according to two famous Portuguese music bands she interviewed in the past.

Who is Lucia?

Lucia Margarida Pestana is the Founder of Pestana’s HR & Coaching, she has a successful career in Human Resources working as HR & Training Manager with generalist experience for 9 years. Her experience includes setting up a department from scratch, investing in people, and developing management teams, Lucia understood that coaching was the skill she wanted to specialise in.

Naturally, this learning was pursued and evolved into Career Coaching. Having an understanding of HR and Coaching Lucia became really passionate about helping people make the most of their careers and help determined people, to follow their passion, and go for the career of their dreams without fears or limitations.

Lucia’s motto is do what you love and love what you are doing, she hopes to influence and inspire people to fulfill their career purpose, just like she has found hers.

The live Interviews will happen on Facebook, every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.00 pm (BST) throughout June on Pestana’s HR & Coaching business page, make sure you like and follow so that you don’t miss out on connecting with the awesome Career Champions!

1st Live 2nd June at 2.00 pm Lucia will be introducing the project

You can read more about the project and about those taking part on Lucia’s website here.

Home Cooking Hampers

Home Cooking Hampers

  • Fed up with preparing meals and cooking?
  • Usually go out to eat but everywhere closed!
  • Looking for a trained chef to cook delicious meals, ready to eat or freeze?

✅ We got that covered!

Many people are offering delivery boxes of ready main course meals and then you have to schlep to the shops and queue up again for fruit and vegetables and it’s such a pain isn’t it? Some of you, well hundreds to be fair, have been loyally tuning in to my Instagram posts and following my cookery classes (@eastdulwichchef) and we have been having such a great time but now, let’s think about all the working from home that you are doing, all the travel costs you are saving and all the coffees you are no longer buying and voila, lets now think about a little investment into “You Time!”

It is apparent that many of our clients, and their friends are looking to buy from and support independent companies like mine. I am frequently asked for a meal prep service and it’s obvious that we are now looking to invest in ourselves and are willing to spend a little more on food and drink.

Work is calling you to return, but you may have just scored a little more #wfh (working from home) time and if that’s the case, you know you really do have to catch up with the reports and maybe spend a little less time in the kitchen or the garden!

We are offering Home Cooking Hampers @ £150 per hamper.

All individually portioned meals ready for the week in the fridge or pop them in the freezer for later:
2 x Pork and Beef Lasagne – Meat
2 x Chipotle marinaded Chicken Breasts – Meat
2 x Lemon and Garlic marinaded Salmon Fillets – Fish
2 x Red Peppers filled with Rose Harissa spiced Puy Lentils – Vegetarian
2 x Chilli Sin Carne – Vegetarian

Vegetables prepared and ready to reheat:
2 x Baby Potatoes with Mint Butter
2 x French Beans with Almond Butter
2 x Carrot Batons with Dill Butter
2 x Cauliflower Cheese
2 x Long Stem Broccoli Florets
2 x Roasted Butternut Squash with Harissa Spices

2 x Chocolate Brownie
2 x Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie
2 x Brioche and Butter Pudding
2 x Tiramisu
2 x Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Each hamper is for 2 people.

Available every Saturday throughout July – Pick up at 12.00pm from 11b Barry Road, SE22 0HX

Click here to place your order