Aren't all weddings the same?

As a wedding planner you would be surprised how often I am asked that question.

My answer is always a resounding “No Way”!

In fact it never ceases to amaze me just how different every wedding is.  Even though I plan exclusively for one venue – The Horniman Museum & Gardens in Forest Hill, London over 12 years I have seen a myriad of different colour schemes, themes, decorations and styles transform the venue as if by magic. Whilst we might start out with roughly the same outline for each day, the only thing I can guarantee about any wedding is that it will end up being different from those I have planned before!

At the Horniman couples have the opportunity to make use of three very different spaces, the Victorian Conservatory or Bandstand which are both Grade II Listed, or the newer architect designed Pavilion. One of the things I really love about this is the flexibility it offers, whilst guests are in one area another space can be transformed for their return – to the guests it can feel like sleight of hand, but of course in reality it is about a brilliant team of event professionals all pulling together. Hours can feels like minutes when you are busy enjoying drinks and canapés but we are watching the seconds tick by and making sure everything happens exactly when it needs to!

One of my favourite, and most beautiful things of all is when a wedding day perfectly reflects the couples style, humour and relationship. We are all unique and to see a wedding capture the very essence of a couples individuality is a wonderful thing.

I always enjoy discovering blogs about Horniman weddings and relieving some of the magic of the days I helped to create, and you can see just from those listed below exactly how different each day can be:

A bright & beautiful wedding that still makes me smile!

A simply elegant wedding

A Japanese Kiwi blend wedding

A stunning summer wedding

A Bandstand wedding

A botanical themed wedding

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& with thanks to our couples who have also shared images of their special days with us.