Anyone for an Espresso Daiquiri?

We have been following Myatts Fields Cocktails since their journey began, and yesterday we were delighted to receive news of their latest limited edition cocktail.

The Espresso Daiquiri is a warming and rich alternative to the classic vodka recipe. The rum brings a lot of complexity – vanilla, oak, honey, and a background of candied fruits. The coffee is still the hero, but the rum left on the tongue as the drink fades is (we think) pretty magic.

Clemency and Cyrus made this drink last Christmas for a party, and the response was so exciting that they knew one day they would work out how to make this drink at scale. That day has come, and here is the second of their limited edition cocktails.

The total batch is 100 bottles. This offer is to Cocktail Club Members only for now, and will go public next Friday. Order limit of two as we’d like as many people to try as possible. Drinks will be dispatched on August 1st.

Don’t forget, supplies are limited, so get your order in as soon as you can!

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