An Ode to the Pomegranate!

These ruby red jewels on the crown of fruit, 👑 sit equally at home as a fruit or delighting the plate of a savoury dish. Due to their place within Middle Eastern cookery, this childhood rarity has more recently become a stalker in my home fridge. My boys love pomegranates but I’m on the fence about them. Having watched a recent video showing how to peel and tame this beast, it has allowed me to enjoy this labour of love. But, I’m sorry to say, I still question the actual point of eating pomegranates – with all their compartments in which lie the buried fruit – the red, leathery, bitter sweet pip! My thoughts are that pomegranates are more to delight the decoration of a dish more than anything.

I once cooked a lamb casserole, with lesser pomegranate knowledge than I have now, for a Halloween party at home for my then 9 year old son. The pips looked like they could be teeth, so we played on them being werewolf teeth which thoroughly delighted the group of 9 year old boys!