An Absolutely Fabulous Party (for a good cause)

Not a lot of people know this (until now), but amongst close friends Suzanne and Amanda are often jokingly referred to as Patsy & Edina.  Unless you are too young to know better we are referring to the lead characters in the wonderful TV Comedy Absolutely Fabulous starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

With this is mind, it was a gift from heaven when our friend Vivi announced that her annual fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support would this year be an “Absolutely Fabulous” themed party.  It took only a small leap of faith and some serious wardrobe raiding to come up with our outfits and we were off!

It felt like a blast from the past to be backcombing hair into a terrifying beehive! Not to mention digging out the 80’s jackets complete with huge shoulder pads and the enormous sunglasses (Obs darling, to hide from the Paparazzi)!

Guest of honour at the party was Bradley Cooper…… well sort of, it may have been a life-size cardboard cut out, but we were having far too much fun to care!

Amazing local chef Roberto Szasz donated his time and awesome kitchen skills, providing some incredible food for the evening. Roberto will soon be cooking at our venue fifty seven as he is holding a pop up Mexican High Tea so if you would like to try his fantastic food for yourself click here to book.

But there was even more, not only an amazing party, great drinks, delicious food, but also Vivi organised a brilliant guest speaker – author Sam Bunch who read us extracts from her very funny and enlightening new book, Menopause, A Hot Topic followed by guest Soprano singer and blogger Bethie Hungerford.

Once the raffle was drawn it was time to dance the night away.  We all had such a good time we honestly forgot that it was a fundraising event until Vivi messaged us all the next day to let us know we had managed to raise £1,325.00. HURRAH!!!!!

As well as those linked above, we must quickly mention & thank all the lovely people / companies who donated prizes fo raffle:


@clare_trier (Bottom line)

Thank you Vivi for organising such a brilliant, brilliant party – on top of her day job as an Events and Interior stylist (you can find out more about this on her website).  We can’t wait to see what you do next year!

Love & kisses from Patsy & Eddie (the East Dulwich Version)!!