A tree is for life not just an election campaign!

So…..The Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has pledged to plant 60 million trees if they win the election this year – that’s double what Boris has pledged in a bid to win over the younger voters! We are delighted to see more and more politicians acknowledging the need to take action to address climate change, especially if we, as a country, are to help achieve the goal of zero greenhouse emissions by 2045.

At Suzanne James we have been planting trees for almost 15 years, when we signed up to The Tree Appeal and joined them to plant our first trees over at the Camley Street Natural Park in Kings Cross. We still plant trees to this day and have been fortunate enough to see our very own saplings grow in to fully mature trees.

We plant a British Broad Leaf Tree each time we transport food from our professional kitchen to an event, in order to offset the Carbon Emissions we create. If our clients would like to make their event 100% carbon neutral then we are able to calculate the menu by the cooking period and work out the full carbon footprint. We then invite our clients to plant additional trees as necessary. I am proud to say that most do take us up on this!

So, while our elected politicians are planning their manifesto and working out ways to give us back a green planet, the team at Suzanne James Catering are still leading the way in sustainable catering and offering our clients sustainable events. This is not all that we do, in fact, in % terms, this is probably just 5% of our commitment to ensuring that the events we cater ‘do not cost the earth’.

To find out more about Suzanne James and our Sustainable Catering, take a look at the Eco-chic section of our website.

We don’t need to jump on a parliamentary bandwagon, our wrote our own manifesto in 2003, and have won plenty of votes along the way!