A little party, just a small one...

As we slowly emerge from lockdown spare a thought for all those people in the hospitality industry who have worked hard and served you well over the years. The ones that got up early and went home late to ensure you had the best party ever.

Those same people were told on 23rd March that as they work for caterers (not in a pub or restaurant) that they are not part of the hospitality industry and therefore their bosses would have to let them go or follow the furlough guidelines and offer them 80% of their wages.

Now; let’s move to 1st August and with the majority of weddings & corporate events cancelled and the possibility of those in hospitality now looking at near extinction, please have a think about ways that you could possibly host a little soirée at home while we take into account social distancing and the social bubbles you may have created.

If a cleaner is allowed into your home (having come from the last home and of course then moving to the next home on their list) then maybe a waiting person or chef is too? If you are able to now go and eat out in a restaurant then why not enjoy the same luxuries at home? I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that that as long as the rules say we can serve you then we will be ready to do so.

Our staff are keen, able and ready to follow the letter of the new normal law so please check in on us if you need help with anything.

We have already been organising the most delicious social bubble picnics and micro weddings with each guest having a party bag tailored to their needs where necessary.

We even have a stylist on hand to help you create a beautiful space for your special event.

Give us a call or email us and let’s talk. We can work out what’s possible and have a bespoke menu sent within a couple of hours!

t. 020 8693 6331