A letter to Alok Sharma

Dear Mr Sharma,

Following on from your suggestion that, as I’m in the events industry, I should get a “better job”. Well, here’s the thing, I have the best job in the world.
I look after people on the most important day of their lives – their wedding day.

I look after people on the most harrowing day of their lives – when they say goodbye to family, friends and loved ones.

I look after corporate clients when they are launching a product, service or brand.

I look after clients when they have a VIP meeting and need a professional events service to allow them to focus on their meeting.

I look after those who are celebrating achieving an incredible milestone in their company.

I look after clients when they are saying thank you to their staff for exceptional work throughout the year.

I have looked after Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ambassadors, Emperors and Dignitaries from all over the world when they have visited the United Kingdom.

And I have cooked for literally thousands of ordinary people like me who have worked hard and saved hard, when they celebrate something really special.

In short, is there a better job than the one I have? I doubt it but please, carry on and take my hand to the job of your choice and let’s see how it goes.

I’d also like to know what will happen to the 8 full-time staff and the 44 contract-hours staff that I employ. I’d like to know what will happen to the Museums, Galleries and venues that my company supports, and to the industry specialists who work hand in hand with us when we are creating an event. Mr Sharma, when you find me a “better job”, will you also guarantee a job for everyone else that is employed as a direct result of my company?

I look forward to hearing from you Alok Sharma