The perfect keepsake

Ever wondered what to do with your bridal bouquet after your big day? Or mabe you have a very special button hole or corsage? Botony London have the perfect answer in the form of your flowers dried, pressed and made into the most beautiful bespoke picture to grace your walls.

We met Botony London when they joined us for art @ 57 a few months ago as one of our sellers. We quickly realised their art was something that the world, or at the very least, south London, should know about. The flowers are mostly home grown in gardens in East Dulwich, dried over a period of weeks and then displayed in vintage frames. Add a photo from your special day and you have the most stunning keepsake.

Botany London take the flowers on the day, or day after your wedding and press the flowers by hand. After 6 weeks or so the flowers are ready to be arranged in an 8×8” or 10×10” square frame. They aim to recreate the look and feel of the wedding itself, and love talking to brides to ensure that they achieve this for them as a perfect memento of their special day. They can include Polaroid photos as part of the display and are also open to including bespoke elements to make the frames even more personal.

This lovely idea isn’t restricted to weddings, these beautiful frames can also be made using Prom flowers, Baby gift flowers, Christening flowers or even Birthday flowers, so if you have a special occassion you’d like to remember in a special way do get in touch.

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