1, 2, 3......Throw!

Hands up – I love our gorgeous, natural, dried petal confetti!  As a keen gardener flowers are always close to my heart, and I never tire of unpacking a new delivery it is so pretty!  It took me a few years to persuade ‘my’ venue (The Horniman Museum & Gardens) to allow confetti on site, but I persevered, and found a supplier with the right environmental credentials and the rest is history!

As a wedding planner you inevitibly get asked for ‘top tips’ and I always say that getting an absolutely amazing confetti moment on your wedding day should be a total deal breaker for any couple.  I got married over 20 years ago, but to this day my confetti shot is one of my favourites, it is the most completely natural, unposed moment, caught on camera forever and I cannot look at it without smiling.   I promise you, it is the kind of photo you will look back on in years to come and literally everyone in the picture will be smiling and laughing, caught up in that moment of fun and celebration.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your confetti photo……

First Steps First

Before you do anything else, make sure your venue are happy with you using confetti. The majority of venues specify you can only use biodegradable confetti, and we are proud to offer just that, and it is made from flowers grown in the UK too making it natural, biodegradable and the ideal eco-friendly choice for your wedding day.

If your venue isn’t familiar with petal confetti or they haven’t got a confetti policy and need a little convincing, we are happy to provide samples for you to show them. Once they realise it’s not going to harm their grounds, or wildlife within it, and no one needs to clean up after you, they are usually happy with it.

When you sit down with your photographer make sure they are aware you want a confetti photo, and if you’ve got some ideas of where you’d like it too that’s always helpful. Any wedding photographer worth their fee will be a master of confetti photos, so will be able to guide you. Your photographers will usually also help to organise your guests and tell them what to do and when, and this is where is pays to have an experienced photographer, and even better one who knows your venue too.

How much do you need?

Our minimum order for confetti is 5 litres, which works out at 50-60 Handfuls and that is plenty for a great photo, though of course there is nothing to say you can’t have more if you want it!

For a truly great photo we recommend providing enough confetti for at least half your guests (in general the ladies throw more than the gents). That said if you are looking for a complete shower of petal confetti you can always ask the ladies to be sure to rope the boys in too!

Colour Coding

You may want to match your petal confetti colours to your wedding theme or to contrast them, or just go wild and have a mixture of colours.

We offer four choices from stock, with our most popular mix being the pink, blue and white made up of delphinium flowers.  However, you can also ask us to help you wtih a unique confetti mix made up of the colours you want, and we can even send you a sample so you know exactly what it’s going to look like before you place your order.

When & Where?

Lots of people are unsure about when to throw confetti – traditionally it tended to be thrown as the couple left the church for their reception. But with so many ceremonies now taking place at private venues, it often comes down to working with their restrictions, whilst also making full use of any unique features – grand doorways, landscaped gardains or Victorian Bandstands to name but a few options!

The thing to remember is that there really is no right or wrong time for your confetti photo. We recommend that you have a chat with us, your venue and photographer as they will be able to offer some great insight and advice. At the Horniman Museum & Gardens most couples have their confetti moment at the end of their drinks reception, often on the terrace close to the Bandstand.  Ideally you want to get your guests to form an “aisle” which then allows your photographer to get lots of confetti photos as you walk toward them, with plenty of action and a glimpse of your guests too.

Another popular choice is for the couple to be surrounded by their guests in a semi circle where everyone throws in on them at once, the bonus of this is that everyone’s in the photo, just make sure everyone throws at the same time (hence the title of this blog).

Instead of having lots of wedding guests in your confetti moment, you could choose just to have a confetti throw with your bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family members, it really is up to you!