Losing the Plot......

The seasonal adventures of a serious allotmenteer (aka What Amanda Grew next)!

If you ask me how I feel about the allotment at this time of year I have to say it’s a real love / hate relationship. I am loving the picking – we have harvested the garlic and also had masses of peas, delicious cooked with freshly picked mint (also very handy for the essential Pimms), mange tout, French beans, cherries, raspberries and as of today blackberries coming too.

However, I am not enjoying the watering….. I don’t think there has ever been a year quite as tough as this one in terms of how dry it has been. There is no choice but to make time to go and water, or face losing all the crops we have worked so hard to grow, so water it is. No hosepipes allowed, so lots of to-ing and fro-ing from the water butts to to the plot with watering can after watering can full of water. I am trying to embrace it as part of my fitness routine but it is hard some days to summon up the energy, not least because I am still recovering from a broken ankle – I guess that makes it therapy too!

The good news is that as soon as I am back to picking lovely, fresh fruit and vegetables I feel better. Last week we sat and ate cherries straight from the tree, warm from the sun and perfectly ripe, they looked too perfect to be real. Not many made it home! There really isn’t anything better than eating food you have grown yourself, other than being able to share it with others too which is also a very lovely feeling and definitely necessary in this season of plenty.

I will leave you with a few photos of recent pickings, and the amazing sweetcorn and squash which are growing so fast you can almost see it before your very eyes. We have quite a few pumpkins already getting towards football size, and if this weather keeps up who knows how big they will get – I may yet have the makings of a ‘Cinderalla Carriage’.

Amanda Dilnot
Chief Allotmenteer
Not so ably assisted by Suzanne James (who doesn’t dig)