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Keep it Local

We are proud of our status as not just a sustainable, but also an ethical caterer. Wherever possible we use small, independent businesses much like ourselves and believe it is vitally important to support one another, especially in the current economy.

This month we would like to introduce you to Angela from Maleficent Things, who has been running all sorts of amazing, crafty workshops at fifty seven recently for both adults and children!

Maleficient Things


1) Tell us about your business?

Maleficient Things is my collectionof fairytale and film inspired handmade jewellery, statioinery and gifts, with lots of book, TV and theatre inspired items too! I love painting watercolouors and creating things to represent different characters. It's great when people come along and find their favourites - I love that they love it too! A simple charm bracelet, or quote on a keyring or pendant, can be so emotive, capturing the magic of a favourite movie or moment.

I'm passionate about helping otehrs to enjoy being creative too. It's so sad to hear anyone say "I'm not artistic" or "I couldn't do that". OK not everyone is a Michaelangelo, but we can all express ourselves through some medium or another. When you know how, impressive results can be achieved through simple techniques and the creative process can be very therapeutic - and fun! Maleficient Things offers children's workshops and parties themed around favourite characters and new film releases, as well as daytime and evening classes for adults featuring simple jewellery, art and craft projects.

2) What area do you cover?

I currently offer classes in East Dulwich, Beckenham, West Wickham and Keston, and attend fairs and events in south London, Kent and Surrey.


3) How long have you been in business?


I started making a few different charm bracelets in 2016 and now have about 200 different items for sale.

4) How did you come up with the idea for Maleficient Things?


I really, really love movies!  I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in fantastical realms, ancient adventures, futuristic worlds... be that on screen, the pages of  a book or on the stage.  I was looking for a way to work flexibly around my family and starting my own fantasy inspired enterprise seemed just the ticket!  I had helped organise a few fairs and events by this point in time and liked the idea of running a stall myself.  So I gave it a bash!  Thankfully people liked my things and Maleficent Things (named after my favourite misunderstood fairy) was born.

5) How do people find out about your up and coming events?


I have an 'event diary' and also a 'workshops' page on my website where you can see details of all my up and coming events.  There is usuallly quite a lot happening! 

6) Tell us about your adult workshops - they sound fun!

There are loads of fun things for adults to do!  I especially love 'Chablis Chic' as a concept - a glass of wine and the chance to do some crafting while you chat to friends is a great idea don't you think? There's always soft drinks for those who don't want to drink of course, and some nibbles too.

7) SJ Dessert Island Discs (Just for fun) - What 3 puddings would you take with you to your island?!!!

Oooooh, that's a hard one - how to choose? I'm definitely a dessert kind of a gal. How to squeeze the full spectrum of sweets into just three, hmmmmm.........