Footballs Coming Home (to a BBQ)!

What better way to celebrate the World Cup in 30 degree heat than with a classic bbq and that’s exactly what our client at home on Saturday afternoon did. The garden was an oasis of fun for the children with a bouncy castle and table tennis (for those not into the footie) and plenty of burgers, sausages and chicken to enjoy.

As expected, the adults (and some little ones) stayed out of the sun and were watching the match. Timings were changed on Tuesday (when we won against Columbia) and we were ready for early arrivals at 2pm with ice cold Pimms, Wine, Craft Beers and some of the fabulous options BBQ available until 3pm, with a second batch available at 3.45pm and a final service at 5pm! We knew we could work with the timings set by England’s finest footballers!

When the final whistle blew and the cheers echoed around the garden it wasn’t just for England, and that amazing step closer to the World Cup, but also for the hand made burgers which were pretty amazing, as was the harissa spiced chicken and Cumberland sausages!!!

I’m sure we will all be firmly ensconced on our sofas on Wednesday and I am thrilled to say that we are not working so will also be rooting for the squad to do a sterling job yet again.