Flummery isn't what it used to be!

Night three this week – Must be June! Rotas go out the window and it’s all hands on deck….Nat even allows me back into the kitchen!
I had 44 guests for a dinner, once again at my favourite venue, MOSJ. The silverware shone as did the stunning glassware, crockery and linen, all of which was provided by our loyal suppliers. The flowers only enhanced the room and allowed their evening scent to elevate the dessert to a whole new level. Flummery isn’t what it used to be! This Almond and Rose delight was at its peak in the 17th century and made a joyous return to the delight of the guests.
Hosting dinner in an historic museum means that we are often asked for a fitting menu so our pressed rib of beef main with creamed potatoes and velvety red wine sauce was a winner too!
We are always happy to work with our clients to develop a bespoke menu for special events, actually as chefs it makes a refreshing change to go ‘off menu’!