We were shocked to learn that each year:

  • approximately 1.3 billion tons of food, that is once third of the global production is lost or wasted annually
  • at home in the UK on average 25% of the food we buy is wasted
  • an estimated 30% of fruit and vegetables in the UK are rejected even before they reach the shops due to cosmetic standards

After discovering just how wasteful our country is and the effects that it has on the planet we decided to get waste wise!

In 2009 we signed up to a new food waste recycling scheme which means that we can send 100% of our food waste to be recycled into fertilizer for crop production. By composting all our food waste, we are reducing the amount of toxins and greenhouse gases released when food waste is sent to landfill.

Over 352 days last year we produced 3,27kg of food waste, that’s just over 100g a day which is equivalent to one baked potato! By processing this, using our zero food to landfill, we have managed to:

  • produce 1,308kg of compost
  • avoid 52.4kg of landfill methane emissions
  • displace 1,472kg of CO2

And the great news is we’re not the only ones making the world a better place. Between 2007 and 2010 food waste was reduced by 13% in the UK, that’s over 1 million tons.