We believe passionately in supporting British farmers and their produce, and we know that many of you feel the same way.  In fact, a survey of the 50 things we love most about Britain carried out in 2012 revealed that we are in fact a nation of real foodies!  Fourteen of the top answers were food related with No1. being bacon butties and No 2. being roast dinners!

Our mission is to cook Seasonal, Organic, Sustainable, Great British Food – SOS Great Britain for short!   We ask our suppliers to provide ingredients that have been planted, harvested and reared within this great commonwealth.  By choosing to pursue a policy of using seasonal produce from farms and land in neighbouring towns we are decreasing the size of our carbon footprint and supporting UK farmers and producers, and in essence our own economy.  Our consistent support helps to secure the future of many other UK independent suppliers and ensures prices remain more stable.  Without the demand, prices inevitably increase, goods become unaffordable and ultimately unavailable.

We consider ourselves to be ambassadors for all that is Great about British food and the food industry.  Whilst our bespoke approach allows us to be entirely flexible, our preference is to offer our guests seasonal menus.  For example, rather than offering a red berry dessert in January we would recommend a pear or apple based dish.  Thanks to our wonderful suppliers we are always fully informed of the impact each growing season has had.  We are aware of which ingredients may be scarce, and which are plentiful, and we are able to use this knowledge to the advantage of our clients by ensuring menu options incorporate ingredients that are not only at their very best, but also their most affordable.

We are keen to share our knowledge and encourage the use of seasonal British produce, so each month we write a seasonal food column for inclusion in three local magazines.  We hope that this encourages readers to think about where their food comes from, and to buy British produce on a more regular basis, helping to keep our famers and producers in business!