Callum Watson - Apprentice Chef

I joined Suzanne James as an apprentice in Mid August 2016.

I was a plasterer for four years but decided I wanted to pursue my passion for cooking, and to preserve my youthful looks – that lime dries your skin out no end!

I got the chance to cook a hog roast a week ago and really enjoyed it, I have wanted to try that for years!!

I like Japanese cuisine, particularly ramen (noodle soups). I would love to open my own Japanese Restaurant one day.

I would be happy having a few bar snacks, followed by dinner with my best mates as they are the people I most enjoy hanging out with.

This is a one year course.  I attend Westminster Kingsway College one day a week and spend the rest of my time working at Suzanne James. At the end of the year I will have my NVQ Level 2 in Professional Cookery.  I then plan to spend a further two years at the same college to obtain my NVQ Level 3 in Professional Cookery, and another NVQ in Restaurant Management – I am a man on a mission!

I’m 21, so what can I tell you?  It’s work hard, play hard.  I like to go out and have a good time with my mates, but you wont find me on the dance floor.

Everyone says the same thing I think – the long hours, it is tough being on your feet for over 12 hours a day (thankfully not every day), but I am told you get used to it.

I’ve always liked carpentry, so I think if I hadn’t been able to train as a chef that would have been my next choice.

The other companies don’t have Sue and her beautiful smiles every day – what more can I say?

I did try some other placements, but really enjoyed working with Natalia and Sue, so I was over the moon when I was offered the full apprenticeship.